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There are more things in heaven and earth than stock markets!

The media frenzy over Narendra Modi’s first 100 days in office is complemented by the cheer in markets, but Devinder Sharma sounds a caveat against judging the performance of the government by the standards of markets alone.

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How about smart villages, Mr Modi?
For over two decades now, agriculture has suffered overall neglect as successive governments, led by World-Bank prescribed growth models, have issued disproportionate doles to industry. While the present allocations do not spell much hope, Devinder Sharma suggests what the Modi government may still do to reverse the trend.
Agriculture Economy Agriculture Policy

A silent revolution brewing on our farms
An increasing number of farmers from across the country are flocking to the annual rice sharing festival in Tamil Nadu, where a whopping number of traditional rice seed varieties are exchanged and subsequently cultivated in different locales. Devinder Sharma reports from the 2014 event.
Food Security Agriculture

Can farmers look ahead to “acche din” as well?
Narendra Modi’s attention to the woes and plight of farmers during election campaigning has raised a lot of hope for improvement among members of the beleaguered community, but can he deliver? Devinder Sharma presents an 11-point prescription for turning the agricultural sector around.
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Will The NYT bat against Washington apples in India?
A recent editorial in The New York Times rightly recognises the flaws of a growth model driven by lower trade barriers. But Devinder Sharma wonders if the American daily will take a stand and extend its arguments to champion the cause of all nations, including India.
Agricultural Trade Trade Economy

A few facts for GM-advocate Manmohan Singh
At the 101st Indian Science Congress in Jammu, the Prime Minister reaffirmed his faith in the potential of biotechnology for agricultural development. Devinder Sharma discusses findings that raise questions about the basis of his conviction.
GM Crops OP-ED Agriculture Policy

FDI: Neither necessary, nor sufficient
Though FDI in retail is being projected as a cure-all for the ills in the agriculture and food sector, Devinder Sharma cites examples from the world over to argue why we should not be pinning our hopes on it.
Agricultural Trade OP-ED

Bad Economics, bad politics
The real reason behind the Congress' performance in the recently concluded Assembly Elections may not be the rise of the Aam Aadmi Party per se, but more the economic concerns of the real aam aadmi. Devinder Sharma analyses.
Opinions OP-ED

US-EU spanner in the works of India's food security programme
India's food security bill is on top of the negotiating agenda for the forthcoming WTO Conference at Bali. Devinder Sharma explains why the likely compromise in the face of posturing from developed countries could have serious ramifications for food security and self-sufficiency.
Food Security Agricultural Trade OP-ED

Uttar Pradesh to set up 2000+ mandis
The Mayawati government proposes to reduce the distance that farmers must travel to take their produce to market to an average of seven kms. This should help farming families boost their incomes, writes Devinder Sharma.
OP-ED Agriculture Policy U.P.

The Anna Hazare phenomenon
The television cameras and news reports tell us how dramatic the India Against Corruption campaign's rise to national consciousness has been. The story of how it unfolded is even more interesting, writes Devinder Sharma.
OP-ED Society

The Borlaug I knew
"When people fail to recognise farmers' role in feeding the country, be sure there is something terribly wrong happening", he once told me. Devinder Sharma remembers Dr Norman Borlaug.
Food Security OP-ED History

Food for all? Not through the NFSA.
The National Food Security Act proposes to lower ration prices, but also reduce the quantity of grain that is given to each family. Devinder Sharma suggests a Zero Hunger programme instead.
Food Security OP-ED

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