06 APRIL 2020
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Old or new, cars must make way for buses

The ban on old diesel vehicles in Delhi and the NCR is a first step towards addressing the grave air toxicity in the region, but a well-designed BRTS could go a long way in achieving the real end. Darryl D’Monte compiles notes from a recent conference.

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Will banning older vehicles clean the air in Delhi?
Is modernisation of transport the sole answer to air pollution problems in Delhi? In view of the NGT's proposed ban on older vehicles on the streets of Delhi, Sarath Guttikunda draws attention to several problems that need to be addressed for a healthier environment in the NCR.

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Finding the right reasons for reform
The High Level Committee constituted to review key environmental laws has apparently focussed on a wide range of issues and mechanisms; however, as long as the focus in on speed, and not environmental outcomes, the reform process may be futile, writes Manju Menon and Kanchi Kohli.

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An uncertain future for our fauna
As India’s Wildlife Protection Act completes 42 years, conservationists are worried by the recent moves of the government. which appear to undermine the law in a bid to project an industry-friendly regime. T R Shankar Raman analyses the apparent direction in which the Act, and environmental laws in general, seem to be headed.

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In Uttarakhand, yet another chance to learn
Disaster situations in the recent past have only led to sporadic study and discussions but yielded little by way of lessons for the long term; will the devastating North Indian floods this time change that? Kanchi Kohli ruminates.

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Is conservation possible without protection of animal rights?
Abuse of animals by humans in various garbs is a sad reality across countries and communities. Deeply moved by an HBO documentary, Malini Shankar explains why the issue of animal rights and prevention of cruelty must be inextricably linked to conservation efforts.

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Awakening the somnolent state
The common thread between our external and internal security predicaments is our approach to time. Most security issues are long-standing and seemingly interminable. If we understood why this is so, we can change it, writes Firdaus Ahmed.

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Ministry of Corporate Environment?
Thus far, MoEF has only been negligent in safeguarding the environment, but now it proposes to do away with even the need to do so. The new draft notification from the ministry has obligingly confined itself to facilitating new investments, and ignored all other stakeholder voices, writes Kanchi Kohli.

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Citizen voices, policy choices
It is clear that people across the country are driven by strong environment values. Therefore, without having a policy process that channelises their perceptions and crystallises them in policy statements, it is not possible to sequence and prioritise our environmental problems, says Videh Upadhyay.

OP-ED Videh Upadhyay
Give the environment its due
The Ministry of Environment and Forests is looking away from even the minimal standards of environmental stewardship needed in modern times, asserted citizens and experts in open letter to the government recently. Ashish Kothari and Kanchi Kohli were two of the signatories.

Weakening the enviro-clearance process
The recent simplifications to the Central environmental clearance process may endup pushing peoples’ participation and transparency to fringes, says Sunita Dubey.