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Why ‘skilling’ India must focus on schooling

The thrust on vocational skills and values among the youth has more often looked at solutions based on extraneous skill-development modules. E S Ramamurthy explains why a more skilled future workforce must entail fundamental reforms in schooling.

Livelihood Curricula Education opinions Children Education

Are too many ‘gramasabhas’ posing a challenge to governance?
As the Kerala government takes steps to re-inspire citizens to engage in grassroots level governance, P Mohammad Nizar draws attention to certain critical issues that must be addressed for the Panchayati Raj Institutions in the state to be effectively revitalised.
Panchayats Government KERALA

Devotion and deception in the land of 'Godmen'
Baba Rampal is the most recent in a long line of Indian religious gurus who have hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Revathi Siva Kumar looks at a long list of Indian ‘godmen’ over the ages and tries to explain the influence they exert on a mesmerised flock.

A time to take up the reins
The official Indian response to the recent US-China climate deal is characterised by its historical stance on differentiated responsibility and over-reliance on coal energy. Sunita Dubey calls for an urgent re-assessment of its position and stresses the need for stronger commitment.
Climate Environment Government

Would you dare to ‘make in India’?
Prime Minister Modi’s clarion call to manufacture in India signifies a lofty vision, but can that be realised without some critical reforms that would make manufacturing sustainable and rational? Amar Kumar raises pertinent questions.

If the Ganga is so hot, can the Yamuna be far behind?
With the thrust on rejuvenation of the Ganga by the Narendra Modi-led government, rivers in India have become the focus of attention from several international players. Manoj Misra points out how this may explain some recent statements from the government's partner in Yamuna restoration, the Japan International Cooperation Agency.
Water Environment Government

An old policy Modi must hold on to
The government’s clarification on the Indo-US joint statement on Intellectual Property Rights issued during Modi’s visit to the United States highlights the imperative of maintaining India’s original stance on patent laws and refusal to yield to US demands made in its Special 301 Report. Shambhu Ghatak has more.
Trade Government Health Laws

Building the lives of those who build our houses
Sordid living conditions, poor educational and medical facilities, and lack of childcare inevitably characterise the lives of construction workers in the country. Are they ever going to be able to reap the benefits of the growth they facilitate? Kathyayini Chamaraj examines.
Labour Issues Livelihood Work+Life Human Rights

Remembering Ananthamurthy, the critical insider
UR Ananthamurthy's brutally honest stance on Brahmanism, or in fact on any of the subjects that concerned him, has been fiercely debated in his life and death. In a tribute to the recently deceased stalwart of public thinking, Prakash Belawadi seeks to find clues to his inquiring spirit.
People Caste

If you want food security, why not have food coupons?
The erstwhile UPA government’s Food Security Act, now set to be implemented by the present government, could mean unendurable strain for the country’s public distribution framework. P V Rajeev spells out better alternatives to explore.
Food Security Economy Government Agriculture Policy

What we should score Arun Jaitley on
As the country eagerly awaits the new government’s maiden budget, Shankar Jaganathan evokes the realities of the Indian economy to provide a reference framework within which to judge the Jaitley budget.
Public Funds Economy Government

Why UPA’s folly could be Modi’s too
With Narendra Modi at the helm, the push towards market-driven development looks likely to be continued, leading to an eventual defeat of real expectations from the voter, says Pradeep Baisakh as he analyses the causes behind the UPA debacle.
Public Funds Economy Government Poverty

Decoding the red alert on green NGOs
The accusations of the Intelligence Bureau against foreign environmental NGOs appear hollow and misguided when one looks at the direction and substance of their work in India so far. Darryl D’Monte urges the government to restrict itself to scrutiny of forex norms followed, without stifling the expression of dissent by these NGOs.
Energy Environment Displacement

Why the IB report is undemocratic
Old approvals from a new regulator?
Bad Economics, bad politics
Tainted firm escapes scrutiny, but why?
Does the loser take it all?
A tipping point for Indian democracy
When idealism isn't impractical anymore
What makes the Aam Aadmi Party tick?
Should there be a Nobel for economists?
One Person Companies: Speed without effective brakes?
Private investment not a panacea for all ills
Our cheese has moved, and only we must find it
Can India learn from its neighbours?
Irreconcilable differences : The Right-Left Divide in Economics
Why I root for right to food, for all
When growth is another word for violence
Reading beyond Siddaramaiah’s lines
All those kinds of gaze
President Mukherjee must reject the Food Security ordinance
Beware of disaster profiteering
Third front romance not as smooth as it seems
When a legend returns
Resignation drama could be a self-goal for BJP
Could spot fixing be our Trojan Horse?
The role of individuals towards a better life
Why India needs an alternative model of development
Professional or mercenary?
Industrial corridors: Boon or bane?
Is India at its 'progressive moment'?
Delhi is designed for rape
Delhi is designed for rape
Public private prank
The saffronisation of green
Grand distraction called river-linking
Tips for change
Innovation in India
Invest in design
The many Lokpals before the standing committee
The Anna dilemma exposes an insincere government
What powers must the Lokpal have?
On secular fatwas
Honest is, as honest does
The Protocol of vested interests
Wounded pride, or vanity?
Wake up New Delhi
Music of the monsoon
Albert Pinto's missing anger
Development now!
Countdown to better representation of women in media
Acts of choice
Predictive testing: A Pandora's box
Are Indian policy makers listening?
A limited 'tribute' to an unlimited legacy
How not to remember Bapu
Getting down to the governance business
Inward lens for incoming government
Parastatals and task forces - the new decision-makers
The world, according to Tom Friedman
Look inward: the lesson of Mumbai
Models of reform
All asleep on the western seaboard
For the people, by the government?
Breaking the silence
Heed the silent protest
A forgotten Bengali hero
Can there be justice without the state?
The trouble with Eden
Missing: A 'healthy' debate
Niketa's choice
Modi's secession?
A creeping insularity
Kerala's development paradox
The Dr Watson problem
Internal security agenda for the new year
Science and swaraj in ideas
Media and Health: Who will heal who?
Kabul then, Myanmar now
A world without women
Delhi's Tibetan glitch
Unacceptable underside of 'deterrence by punishment'
Attitudes to sex need healthy injection of science
Manufacturing consent through selective knowledge
Concern over content and conduct
The Nagaland model for Kashmir
Whose media are they anyway?
Better traffic ahead
State has no religion
Attacking real democracy
Patriot, not chauvinist
Contesting the language of development
Are judges over-reaching?
Sex education and survival tools
This summer, at a border near you
What's 'inclusive' about the Budget?
Under pressure, India makes U-turn
SEZs: Lessons from China
What's that on your plate?
One-step, two-step, write
Information or technology?
Exploring the new expressways
A gigantic investment deficit
Has the Bt cotton bubble burst?
IMF is still the rich world's viceroy
Rich daddy, poor daddy
Rise of the moneylender
Learning from Mumbai
Sound and fury over the Broadcast Bill
Grand manoeuvre, yes, but to what end?
Whose Gujarat?
The rising import of 'suicides'
Long distance call
Reservations and the 'politics of illusion'
Importing a farming crisis
Much research, but no decisive action
Behind the lessening of true potential
A convenient collusion
Nukes in favour, crops downgraded
An autonomous NREG Agency needed
Stop the violence
An exceptional nation
Far from labouring the point
All down saar
Parliament - still a man's world
Counting people, discounting their worth
Conflict of approaches
Naidu, but with another name!
'Not the litmus test for patriotism'
Winds of change
Latest judgment proves it all
Tobacco, naphthalene and land records
The end of an era
Inspiration from Pakistan
Nice painting, poor canvas
Federalism, citizenship and decentralisation
Remembering Dandi
But don't be a zero
A credible low-income housing policy
Are we feeling global yet?
Lessons in urbanisation
Not that simple
Once upon a Sankranti
Trust, but verify
Classes everywhere, not a stop to think
Subsidy to nowhere
Substance, not mere structure
Your quake, my insecurity
Citizen Lakshmi
What happened in Vidarbha
Alang: give us a break
Urban residents: second-class citizens
Things could be different
Tax India, fail Bharat
Obscuring reality
Lessons? What lessons?
Harvesting flood relief
The questions, they will not die
New aspirations
Second generation reforms: delivery
Little panchayat, percentage raj
Meet you at the library
A new security agenda
Appropriating Nehru
Election Diary: Srinagar, April 2004
The calculus of 'Cold start'
Entente with the east
Not so stunning a verdict
Mass media versus mass reality
Pick your favourite millionaire
Peace: more important than Cricket?
India becoming a GM-trashbin?
Perception isn't reality
The millions who cannot vote
Rural poor to pay for urban elite
Storm in the vale
Despising politicians is dangerous
Beyond violence and silence
The feel good factory
I'm the traitor
Turning farmers into brokers
Towards a grey revolution?
Rice is now Oryza syngenta
A question of honour
India Shining?
Globalisation, values and democracy
The Tower of Gabble
The rise of India and WSF
Leadership by non-believers
This irony beacons hope
Nothing much to feel good about
The last mile
Chief of Defense : Implications
Another world
Remember this?
In search of the blooms
Busy exploiting hunger
The good insiders
Not yet history
Not born to rule
Road to the top
Rescuing the police force

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