In India, despite good demand at consumer centers, more than 60% of Jackfruit goes rotten. Reason: Lack of proper supply chain.

Mr Ananthram Hoysala, Hyderabad based marketing expert, working in a private company has studied Jackfruit market and its deficiencies. “there is profound demand for this wonder fruit, the aroma itself can a crowd puller, needs no further advertisement to sell / Market”, he says, “The major issues apart from the fruits being bulky and perishable, I feel the cartel of middle men is killing the profit margin of growers.”

Idea 1 : “I strongly believe that the grower should double up as Seller / Marketer, as the yield is seasonal in the region of Karnataka at least, and can spare some time. a. Lease a shop for rent which is around Rs 3000- 4000 / month and employ a person only during the season. b. Depending on demand get the stock so it need not be always in truck loads.”

Idea 2 : take up a tent for hire and put it on a highway / some residential place nearer to vegetable to Market, the risk is resistance from the local middlemen / Municipality who may harass. Though this can be done on an ad-hoc basis if some growers coming together and follow this strategy the lessons learnt can take the venture forward.

Idea 3 : “The missing link at present is the absence of a business unit which can process in bulk and make it available at the right place/ put into the channel, be it modern trade (super markets) or to a whole sale market. This is an advanced stage and may call for a cold storage, if set up nearer to the growing area, the grower can ship as when the fruit is ripe enough and need not wait for the whole truck load of fruits to be collected. The fruits at different stages of ripening pose a problem as all can’t be plucked at one go. Processing through Organized sector will provide that extra freedom / time to the growers and thereby reducing the wastage and increase the profitability.

Adds he : “The fruit can definitely go wherever Banana is and in fried form, can be used as Fryums, as well.”

In a nutshell “ If only jackfruit is provided in a consumer-friendly way, it will definitely sell.” • It will help to add a few lines as how currently jackfruits are reaching supermarkets in major cities like HYD, BLR, MLR etc, where they are coming from. • In Hyderabad, no super market seems to be selling Jack fruit. In Bangalore, Mangalore etc some super markets sell packed fruit.This is a very recent development. The quantity is miniscule. There is no branding. In Mangalore, a private trader supplies cling film packed jackfruit to a super markets. These fruits are sourced locally and minimal selection is done. • If there is demand, then why are the retailers themselves not trying work in a supply chain? • Says Anathram, “Typical Retailer / Trader mentality is not to venture into manufacturing / growing as selling is their core competence and a safe bet. Since Jack fruit is highly perishable and requires lots some caring for transporting, many are not encouraged. Supply chain can be set up big players like reliance / ITC-Choupal, for other it may not be viable option due to gestation period for break even. Demand aspect is altogether a different issue. There is no doubt that Jackfruit can not be sold if packed and presented hygienically.”