A brief summary of the Indian Parliament's Winter 2005 session, conducted between November 23 2005 and December 23 2005.

  • Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha had 23 sittings each during the winter session of Parliament. Lok Sabha met for 120 hours during the session. Rajya Sabha met for 111 hours.

  • Lok Sabha lost 26 hours (22% of working hours) due to adjournment on account of interruptions. Rajya Sabha lost 25 hours (23%) on this account.

    Budget, Monsoon and Winter sessions

  • During the session, 14 Bills were passed by both Houses of Parliament. The government introduced 24 Bills during the session.

  • An adjournment motion moved by the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha on the failure of Government to take action on the Volcker Committee report was negatived. A similar motion under Rule 167 was discussed in the Rajya Sabha and negatived.

  • Ministers made ten statements in each House, including one by the Prime Minister regarding involvement of certain individuals in the Iraq oil-for-food programme scam.

  • Winter 2005
    Bills pending before session 62
    Bills introduced this session 24
    Bills passed this session 14
    Bills withdrawn this session 4
    Bills pending after session 68
  • Following a sting operation, and subsequent enquiry by Parliament, 11 MPs (10 in Lok Sabha and 1 in Rajya Sabha) were expelled from Parliament.

  • In the Lok Sabha, 12 motions were moved for calling attention to matters of urgent public importance. Three such motions were moved in the Rajya Sabha.

  • Rajya Sabha admitted 460 starred and 3506 unstarred questions. The corresponding numbers for Lok Sabha were 461 and 4545 respectively. Short notice questions were not admitted in either House.