An eye for empowerment
Mritunjay Tiwary has brought eyesight to tens of thousands of people through his eye hospital in rural Bihar. But his vision of development extends much farther.
Bihar | Women
July 2011

Twice blessed
Dolly Basu's production of The Merchant of Venice, with special children cast in nearly all roles, has taught her as much as it has helped the children themselves.
Art and Theatre
July 2011

New interventions for the deafblind
A number of development organisations are working to diagnose deafblindess in children, and provide learning tools and techniques that can mainstream them.
July 2010

Implement the UNCRPD, say activists
India has ratified the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, but done very little to protect the rights of the disabled in accordance with it.
Human rights
February 2010

The ability debates
Quite a few debates are currently raging in the disability rights movement. Special schools or inclusive education, community based rehabilitation or institutionalised rehabilitation, job reservations or none - Prasanna Kumar Pincha discusses these and other questions.
February 2008

Bringing disabled kids back to school
When a teacher specially trained to handle children with special needs started work at a local government school in Bangalore, children were benefited and stopped dropping out. The teacher helped them learn concepts they were unable to in the regular classes. Padmalatha Ravi has more.
Education | Karnataka
June 2007

Tech to the aid of autistic children
Recent research has shown that computer/digital technologies can help children with autism (and other disabilities) learn and communicate better. A computer training workshop for parents and children was held recently at Bangalore. Shuchi Grover reports.
June 2007

In UP, the war on polio stumbles
In India's most populous state, with its low levels of sanitation, and high malnutrition rates, polio has made a dangerous comeback. The world is now looking at India to stem the spread as fears of the disease spreading to other parts of the world have come true. Ramesh Menon reports.
Public Health | Uttar Pradesh
December 2006

Included by law, but little else
Children with disabilities are routinely edged out of an education system that's hesitant to acknowledge diversity. Inclusion may be the key word in India's current education policy, but there is a world of difference between the law and its implementation. Deepa A reports.
Special Education
January 2006

Able but unwilling?
On World Disability Day and the few days following it, there was some coverage in the media of issues that concern the disabled population. But, considering that this represents peak coverage for the year it is hardly adequate, especially as the number of disabled persons in India is huge, writes Ammu Joseph.
Ammu Joseph | Media
December 2005

Living in a gray zone
Prem Kumar travels across the country, finding disabled children living in isolation and despair, carrying nature's cruel dispensation. But he is heartened as well by inspiring work that so many organisations carry out, and hopes that a brighter future awaits the children, thanks to their efforts.
Special education
July 2005

Bringing hope to the rural disabled
Since 1988, SANCHAR has worked to improve the lives of the disabled in rural West Bengal. And with the increasing resources available by law to assist the handicapped now, SANCHAR is working to make sure panchayats tap into these to help their community. Rina Mukherji reports.
West Bengal
June 2005

Defogging the demon
Some studies estimate that roughly 10 million Indians may be suffering from epilepsy. But social stigma and economic barriers are keeping treatment out of reach for the majority. Unlike polio, which has a national eradication programme, epilepsy treatment has seen no such focus yet, finds Varupi Jain.
February 2005

The unfinished war on polio
As new cases of polio are reported in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, health departments scramble to respond quickly, and to stamp out the potential resurgence of a virus once thought defeated. Safia Sircar reports on a neighbourhood program in Shorpur that reaches every last child, with the help of victims themselves.
September 2004

Crippling delivery to the disabled
The Ministry of Social Justice says it has made good progress in empowerment of the disabled. But a recent Comptroller and Auditor General appraisal found many failings including a shocking note that the government may have been flying blind. Himanshu Upadhyaya reports.
Human rights
September 2004

Including the excluded
The intimacy and inclusiveness provided by community media scores over the benefits offered by mainstream media. This strength needs to be embraced, and will be a valuable asset in serving the disabled, who are often at the margins of public attention, says Ashish Sen.
June 2004

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A number of facilities for the disabled can be accessed under the provisions of the Disability Act. Some of the key benefits available have been compiled for India Together by one of our authors, and are permanently archived on this site. Click here to access this page.