Back-issues of Manushi are listed here in reverse chronological order. Not all issues are listed, however. If you are looking for a particular article, please email and we will try to locate it for you.

Issue 150
Greeting Aunt Flo
Re-imagining religious freedom
Needless cruelty on women's bodies
Issue 149
Dance-bar ban: Hypocritical morality
Women's wisdom through the ages
Some truths about organic farming
Issue 148
Anti-dowry law destined to fail
Sorry state of women's health
The Sita who smiles
Issue 147, May-June 2005
Ira Pande: A conservative rebel
Emergency avatar of a secular goddess
A new wave of violence in Bangladesh
Issue 146, March-April 2005
Democracy as the antidote to terrorism
Political economy of global sex trafficking
Karan Razdan's Girlfriend
Issue 145, January-February 2005
International standards for 'fair and lovely'
Pre-conditions for genuine interfaith harmony
Women in Bangladeshi news industry
Issue 144, November-December 2004
Remembering Bapu
When women take on wage work
Keyboards of desire
Issue 143, September-October 2004
Manufacturing beauties
Educating girls in rural Maharashtra
Do's and don'ts in adoption law
Issue 142, August 2004
Life and times of Bharat Mata
Post-mortem of NDA defeat
Ode to her legs
Issue 141, June-July 2004
Who's afraid of liberalisation?
Demography as ideology
The body as symbol
Issue 140, April-May 2004
The anti-globalisation brigade
Your rights and divorce laws
Imaging the foreign through Indian cinema
Issue 139, February-March 2004
Bollywood as cultural ambassador
Keeping woman womanly
Civil marriage laws
Issue 138, December-January 2003/4
Finances and Kargil war widows
SC's indictment in Chhabi Rani case
Chittagong armoury raid
Issue 137, October-November 2003
Laws against domestic violence
When victims are defamed
Independents and rebels in elections
Issue 136, August-September 2003
Women and Hindu marriage law
Partners in politics, competing in crime
America's invisible homeless poor
Issue 135, June-July 2003
Women's Battalion of the CRPF
Natural remedies for pests in your house
Hawker market project gets SC clearance
Issue 134, April-May 2003
Criticism of Arundhati Roy
The many meanings of Kali
Remembering Kalpana Chawla
Issue 132, December-January 2002/3
The use and abuse of animals
Cruelty without purpose
Fake science
Issue 131, October-November 2002
A plebiscite in Kashmir
The theatrics of Shiv Sena
Son-preference in Bihari folk songs
Issue 130, August-September 2002
The charisma of autocracy
Sexual violence on trains
Acid attacks on women
Issue 129, June-July 2002
The politics of communal polarisation
The Shiv Sena in Bombay
Women and communal violence
Issue 128, April-May 2002
The witch-hunt against First Global
After Tehelka
Model market in Sewa Nagar
Issue 127, November-December 2001
Orissa's Bonda tribals
Women in politics
Teenagers and gender roles
Issue 126
Abortion - legal but unavailable
Sindhutai goes begging
Film Review: Maya
Issue 125
Remembering Partition
Marriages at gunpoint
License-quota-raid Raj
Issue 124, May-June 2001
Women in prostitution
Ahilyabhai Holkar
India through Pakistani eyes
Issue 123
Villages in Rajasthan Overcome Sarkari Dependence
Declared Criminal at Birth, India's "Denotified Tribes"
Education : New Light in New Times
Issue 122, January-February 2001
Laws, Liberty and Livelihood
In the Wake of a Quake
Rising Out of its Own Ashes
Issue 121, November-December 2000
The Invisible Workers
More Equal than Men?
Issue 120, September-October 2000
Sita in the Kitchen
Law against Domestic Violence Underused or Abused?
Women's Reservation: Another Approach
Issue 119, July-August 2000
A Rule-Based War
Caught in the Wheel
Reforms As If Women Mattered
Issue 118, May-June 2000
Tragedy as Entertainment
Reclaiming Lost Power
Famine of Good Deeds and Ideas
Issue 117, March-April 2000
From Manusmriti to Madhusmriti
Sita in the City
Issue 116, January-February 2000
Enhancing Women's Representation in Legislatures
Ram As Abductor
First Person: A Landmark Victory
Issue 115, November-December 1999
Rotting in Pakistani Jails
Charan Shah's Death
Deadly Laws and Zealous Reformers
Issue 114, September-October 1999
The BJP-Congress Tussle for Power
Contesting Rights Over Children
Issue 113, July-August 1999
Rise of the Bhasmasur
When Soldiers Became National Heroes
Issue 112, May-June 1999
A Surprising Exception
Of Warmongers And Peaceseekers
Issue 111, March-April 1999
Indian Politics
Reaching the Unreached
Issue 110, January-February 1999
When Homes Are Torture Chambers
Autobiographical Fragments
Issue 109, November-December 1998
Naive Outpourings of a Self-Hating Indian
India's Nuclear Prowess
Issue 108, September-October 1998
The Workings of the Official Secrets Act
When Women Retell the Ramayan
Our Nuclear Scam
Issue 107, July-August 1998
Riding A Tiger
Issue 106, May-June 1998
BJP's Wargasm
Issue 105, March-April 1998
Issue 104, January-February 1998
Issue 103, November-December 1997
Meos of Mewat
We Need a Surgeon's Knife, not a Butcher's"
Health : Children Hit by AIDS
Issue 102, September-October 1997
Issue 101, July-August 1997
An Agenda for India
Issue 100, May-June 1997
Lifting the Veil
'Naukri' as Property
Law : Of Daughters, Sons and Widows
Issue 99, March-April 1997
Facing Extermination
Women, Sex and Marriage
Health : The Female Condom
Issue 98, January-February 1997
The Politics of Stereotyping
Justice Denied
Yes to Sita, No to Ram!
Issue 97, November-December 1996
Planning for Disaster
Women's Marginal Role in Politics
Worst in a Hundred Years
Issue 96, September-October 1996
Cutting Across Party Line
And the One Who Differs...
Out of the Zenana Dabba
Issue 95, July-August 1996
Confessions of a Male Ingenue
Changing yearnings in Rajasthani Women's Songs
Short Story : Beyond the Blind Alley
Issue 94, May-June 1996
Who am I?
From Computers to Bullock Carts
Short Story: Give Me Back My Country
Issue 92, January-April 1996
Annam Bahu Kurvita
A Half Step Forward
Issue 1, January 1979