Manushi: A journal about women and society
Issue No. 100, May-June 1997

Cover: From a series of paintings on corruption by Dheeraj Chaudhary. Photographed by Hemant Mehta.

  • Lifting the Veil
    Reform Vs. Tradition in Turkey
    An Interview with Nilofer Gole

  • 'Naukri' as Property
    Causes and Cures for Corruption in Government
    Madhu Kishwar

  • Law : Of Daughters, Sons and Widows
    Discrimination in Inheritance Laws
    Dr. B. Sivaramayya

  • Film Review:Rugmini
    Sevanti Ninan

  • Poem:Instruments
    Brian Pastoor

  • Poem:The Goal
    Shama Shukla

  • Poem:Woman
    Kanchan Lata Sahi

  • Short Story:The Carved Box
    Pratibha Ray. Translation from Oriya : Jayanto Mahapatra

  • Responses to Manushi

  • Reader's Forum

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