Manushi: A journal about women and society
Issue 101, July-August 1997, Table of Contents

Cover painting: Hè Ram, by Alfred Jaar, New York, Gift for India, SAHMAT 1997

  • Reader's Forum

  • Poems : Hypatia's Uncle, Peace, A Glance, Us
    Scott Starbuck, Shama Shukla, Panna Naik

  • An Agenda for India
    The Speech We Deserved to Hear on August 15
    Madhu Kishwar

  • A Father's Crusade
    The Medical Murder of Ina Raja
    Nirej Sekhon

  • Law : Medical Malpractice
    Review of Available Legal Remedies
    Nirej Sekhon

  • Modernising Untouchability
    The Making of a Multi Crore Sarkari Slum
    Anita Soni

  • Film Review: 'Why Women Unite'
    The Story of an Uprising
    Director : Shabnam Virmani, Review : Sevanti Ninan

  • Short Story : My Blanca!
    Elaine Hatfield

  • Poem : Lament
    Sanjukta Dasguta

  • Responses to Manushi