No. 102, September-October 1997

  • Reader's Forum

  • The Legacy of Bapu
    Reminiscences of a Grandson
    Rajmohan Gandhi

  • Fire In Water
    The Sacred in Indian Society
    Uma Shankari

  • Poem: Jugnu
    Ranu Uniyal

  • Destroying Minds and Skills
    Dominance of Angreziyat in Our Education
    Madhu Kishwar

  • Sprouting and Uprooting of Saili
    The Story of the Sacred Tulsi in Kangra
    Kirin Narayan

  • Short Story:Face to Face
    Rajee Seth

  • Book Review :Crossing the Sacred Line
    Women's Search for Political Power - by Abhilasha Kumari and Sabina Kidwai
    Review : Mina Singh

  • Responses to Manushi

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