No. 104, January-February 1998

Cover: Painting : Jeojo
Courtesy: Sahmat
  • Reader's Forum

  • Poem: Lopamudra
    Pratima Agnihotri

  • Our Debt to the Dynasty
    A Humble Proposal for Bringing About Greater National Unity
    Madhu Kishwar

  • Lakshmi and Alakshmi
    The Kojagari Lakshmi Vrat Katha of Bengal
    Bidyut Mohanty
    Translation: Dulaii Nag

  • Far Reaching Reforms
    Legal Rights of Women in Turkey
    by Canan Arin
    Women for Women's Human Rights, Turkey

  • Civil War and Uncivil Government
    A Report to the People of India
    by Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee & Others

  • Book Reviews: Of Passing Interest
    A Partial Woman by Mina Singh
    Review by: Latika Padgaonkar

  • Poems: Salar Jang Museum in Hyderabad
    For a Woman to Think Alone
    Wolfgang Somary, Katyayani

  • Short Story: The Return
    Saadat Hasan Manto

  • Responses to Manushi

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