No. 106, May-June 1998

Cover Drawing: Tomi Ungerer, 1984
  • Responses to Manushi

  • BJP's Wargasm
    Madhu Kishwar

  • Victims of Swadeshi Pesticides and Policies
    Sharad Joshi

  • Will They Ever Return to the Valley
    The Predicament of Kashmiri Pandits
    O. A. Owais

  • Remembrance : A Friend Forever
    Jaya Madhavan

  • Living with Illnesses
    Report from Himachal
    Dhanu Swadi

  • Poem : Yogini
    K. L. Sahi

  • Judgements Galore
    Justice Eludes a Child Vicitm of Rape
    Deepa Agarwal

  • A Sita Amidst Many Ravans
    Nitasha Guha

  • Book Review : Shadow Over Shangri-la
    by Durga Pokhrel with Anthony Willett
    Review : Latika Padgaonkar

  • Film :Train To Pakistan
    Director : Pamela Rooks
    Review : Sudhir Bose

  • Poem : Reading
    K. G. Kumar

  • Short Story : Dreaming of Suspension
    Jasvinder Sharma

  • Yet Another Regressive Step

  • Reader's Forum

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