No. 108, September-October 1998

Cover : Moni
* Responses to Manushi

* The Workings of the Official Secrets Act
The Story of a Victimised Nuclear Scientist

* Yes, Minister?
The Bureaucracy Clamps Down on Citizen's Rights
Madhu Kishwar

* People's Bill vs Sarkari Bill
Legislation for Freedom of Information
Harsh Mander

* When Women Retell the Ramayan
Nabaneeta Dev Sen

* Our Nuclear Scam
Dr. B. K. Subbarao

* Short Story: The Portrait of a Kashmiri
Anwar Owais

* Poem: Sita
Tranlated from Telugu: V. Narayana Rao

* Book Review: Secluded Scholars
by : Gail Minault
Review by: Rehana Ghadially

* Film Review: Kaise Jeebo Re!
A Story of Uprootment
A film by : Anurag Singh and Jharna Jhaveri
Review by: Anuradha Dutt

* Readers Forum