No. 110, January-February 1999

Cover drawing: Anoop Kamath (see stories on pages 29 and 36)
* Responses to Manushi

* Thanks to Smugglers
Bollywood Films Bridge Builders Among Indo-Pak People
Madhu Kishwar

* Poem: Those Days
K. L. Sahi

* In and Out of Christianity
Conversions in Our Village
Uma Shankari

* An Anti-India Glue?
China-Pakistan Relations
Giri deshingkar

* When Homes Are Torture Chambers
Vimochana's Work with Victims of Domestic Violence

* Rakshasutra Movement
A Women's Campaign to Save Uttarakhand Forests
Suresh Bhai

* Autobiographical Fragments
Translated from Urdu: M. Asaduddin

* Short Story: Lihaaf [The Quilt]
Ismat Chughtai Translated from Urdu: M. Asaduddin

* Readers Forum