No. 116, January-February 2000

  • Enhancing Women's Representation in Legislatures
    An Alternative to the Government Bill for Women's Reservation
    Forum for Democratic Reforms

  • Ram As Abductor
    Subrahmaniya Bharathi's Ramayan
    Introduced and Translated by Paula Richman

  • Rescuing Women From Forced Prostitution
    Sister Lea on the Flesh Trade in Germany

  • First Person: A Landmark Victory
    Orissa Court Vindicates a Woman's Battle for Her Dignity
    Anjana Mishra

  • Poem: Invitation Card
    Sunanda Mongia

  • Kosovo and the End of the Nation-State
    Speech by Vāclav Havel

  • Story: The Interlude
    by Jagannath Prasad Das
    Translation from Oriya: K.K. Mohapatra, Leelawati Mohapatra and Paul St-Pierre

  • Readers Forum

  • My Vision for the Future:
    When Giving and Receiving Become One
    Madhu Kishwar

  • Responses to Manushi