No. 118, May-June 2000

Cover design: Rakesh
* Responses to Manushi

* Tragedy as Entertainment:
Media's Failure to Report Drought in Time

* Reclaiming Lost Power:
Saurashtrians Resolve to Make Their Villages Water Sufficient
Madhu Kishwar

* Famine of Good Deeds and Ideas
Anupam Mishra

* Shiva and His Consorts:
The Yoginis of Hirapur
Prithwiraj Misra

* Poem: Merge
Anurima Banerji

* Profile: Surinder Kaur:
A Life Well Sung
Nirupama Dutt

* All Compassionate and All Powerful
Sita of South Indian Stories
Vasudha Narayanan

* When Leaders Mislead
Puri Shankaracharya Exceeds His Brief
Madhu Kishwar

* My Vision for the Future:
Let's Build on Our Strengths
Pushpa M Bhargava

* Book Review: Despoliation and Defaming of India
by Dharampal
Reviewer: Anurima Banerji

* Poem: Women Meet
Nirupama Dutt

* Readers' Forum

* Some More Endorsements for the Alternative Women's Reservation Bill