Manushi: A journal about women and society
Issue 130, Table of Contents

  • The Charisma of Authority
    Bal Thackeray's Dictatorship in Shiv Sena

  • The Railway Campaign
    Fighting sexual violence on trains

  • A fate worse than death
    Acid attacks on women in Bangladesh

  • Attack on Indian secularism
    Mike Madhusudhan

  • It should last a hundred thousand years
    Rali Worship and Brother Sister Bond in Kangra

  • Poem : Bhikhu
    Mohan Varma

  • Lack of Gender Solidarity
    The systematic downgrading of women politicians

  • Working Under Constant Threat
    Some setbacks and steps forward in Sewa Nagar

  • Readers' Forum
    Your views in response to Manushi articles

  • Response to Manushi
    Your views, and editor's responses