Manushi: A journal about women and society
Issue 139, Table of Contents

  • The idea of India
    Those who accuse filmdom in India of obscurantism and of perpetuating stereotypes are embarrassed of it, and aggressive in their disapproval. But Bollywood is much more complex and a far greater agent for positive social change than is acknowledged by those who claim to represent the high culture of India, says Madhu Kishwar.

  • Disaster turned opportunity
    Shakuntala Narasimhan: Women in Latur rebuild their lives

  • From distrust to reconciliation
    Dinesh Thite: The making of the Ganesh Utsav in Maharashtra

  • Sita locked out
    V Narayana Rao: A Telugu women's song of Sita

  • Know your rights
    Civil marriage laws

  • The leaking pot and the wise water-carrier
    S Kanthimathi

  • Keeping women womanly
    Sharad Joshi: Gendered language - what's the fuss?

  • Short sotry: Dreams shattered
    Sreedevi Krishnan

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