Manushi: A journal about women and society
Issue 144, Table of Contents

  • Remembering Bapu
    Madhu Purnima Kishwar: Let us practice, not preach Gandhi.

  • Debate: Unfair criticism
    Prithvi Sharma: Rejoinder to Madhu Kishwar's critique of anti-globalisation brigades.

  • Respecting people's choices
    Madhu Purnima Kishwar: Response to Prithvi Sharma's defence of AGBs.

  • Five holy virgins, five sacred myths (Part IV)
    Pradip Bhattacharya: She who must be obeyed: Draupadi, the ill-fated one.

  • When women take on wage work
    Padmini Swaminathan: A report from Tamilnadu's Export Processing Zone.

  • Keyboards of desire
    Ashwin Mahesh: Where identities are carefully concealed, attitudes are more plainly revealed.

  • Short Story: Nairoberry
    Rasik Shah

  • Responses to Manushi