Manushi: A journal about women and society
Issue 146, Table of Contents

  • Democracy as the best antidote to terrorism
    Politicians and the Army are redefining their roles in Kashmir, and getting more cooperation in combating terrorism. Madhu Purnima Kishwar lauds Chief Minister Mufti's healing touch in the state, which has enabled reconciliation and restored faith in the political system.

  • Broken lives, desperate choices
    Susan Runkle: The political economy of global sex trafficking.

  • Born to two mothers, the hero Bhagiratha
    Ruth Vanita: Female-female love and miraculous birth in Hindu texts.

  • Poems: Ganesha-amma and Sitamata
    S Kanthimathi

  • Movie Review: Karan Razdan's Girlfriend
    Debjani Chakravarty: A caricature of lesbian love.

  • The 'womb and tube' approach
    Diksha Rajvanshi: Need for a comprehensive health care policy for women.

  • Short Story: Par Avion
    Amrita Chowdhury

  • Responses to Manushi