Manushi: A journal about women and society
Issue 148, Table of Contents

  • Destined to fail
    The present day dowry system symbolizes the disinheritance of women and the resulting desperation of parents to push their daughters out of their homes after marrying them off. Madhu Purnima Kishwar points to inherent flaws in the anti-dowry legislation, and argues that equal inheritance is the way forward.

  • Apradhini
    Shivani: Chhi, Mummy, Tum gandi ho! (Part Two)
    Translated from the Hindi by Ira Pande.

  • A woman's own space
    Aparna: Pakka Ghat of Mirzapur.

  • Kumidini's Ramayana
    Paula Richman: A woman's view of Raghukul politics.

  • Sorry state of women's health

  • The Sita who smiles
    Ruth Vanita: Wife as goddess in the Adbhut Ramayana.

  • Story: Devaki
    Sangeeta Bhargava

  • Responses to Manushi