Manushi: A journal about women and society
Issue 149, Table of Contents

  • Hypocritical morality
    Is the morality of bar dancing judged objectively, using criteria that are applied to other professions too? Or is this simply a political tussle that is conveniently couched in the language of morals? Flavia Agnes recounts the developments and events leading up to the ban in Maharashtra.

  • Thoughtless or hypocritical?
    Madhu Purnima Kishwar: The Congress party's new brainwave for women's reservation.

  • Women's wisdom through the ages
    Translated by R. Parthasarathy

  • Apradhini
    Shivani: Saadho, E Murdan Ka Gaon (Part III)

  • Un-kept promises
    Asha Kachru: Some truths about organic farming

  • Life after death
    V Narula, S Anand, and B Babbar: Glimpses into the lives of war widows.

  • Story: Akku

  • Responses to Manushi