Kalpana Sharma : Kalpana's Commentary
Mar 24 2005
Inspiration from Pakistan
Perhaps one of the most moving and inspiring stories to have come from Pakistan in recent times is the story of Mukhtaran Bibi or Mukhtar Mai as she is now called. Her fight is an uplifting example for all women, not just those who are victims of sexual crimes, says Kalpana Sharma.
Mar 10 2005
Where science falters
The percentage of girl students pursuing science in college is quite impressive. Yet, when it comes to careers in science, the numbers suddenly drop. Kalpana Sharma notes the social and institutional reasons that deny women a level playing field.
Feb 22 2005
Sania's sisters
Sania is the star today, but there are many more waiting on the horizon, expecting to be noticed and determined to excel. Sania has forced the media, and the country, to sit up and take note. Sania and her "sisters" will not be stopped, says Kalpana Sharma.
Feb 22 2005
Forget Shanghai, remember Mumbai
We need to put aside our obsession with becoming "world class". Let us make our cities liveable for all the people, says Kalpana Sharma.
Jan 24 2005
Mumbai's tragedy
The poor have filled up marshland, resurfaced uneven land, all with their own labour, and built their homes. "People should get the right to shelter," says Kadvi Wagri, another one of the growing stream of homeless. These voices should not be silenced, says Kalpana Sharma.
Jan 11 2005
Invisible sportswomen
If a woman, or a group of women, does well in any sport in India, it is despite the State and the establishment and not because of it. Their achievements therefore are that much greater than of those who are pampered and feted, even for failing continuously, says Kalpana Sharma.
Jan 03 2005
Can women ever be safe?
While women who have to commute at night, or use public transport, are forced to remain alert at all times because they are aware of the dangers, call centre employees who believe that "the company" takes care of all their needs might just let their guard down. Kalpana Sharma answers a reader's question: will it ever end?
Dec 01 2004
The lucky rag picker

She only knows at the end of each day whether there will be enough money to survive tomorrow. Does this woman have rights, the right to produce a child? Or should someone else decide what her rights are, and conclude that sterilisation is the only option, asks Kalpana Sharma.

Nov 01 2004
Why women tolerate
When it comes to violenc within the four walls of the home, even educated and affluent women are reduced to victim status not very different from women who are not so well provided for. Kalpana Sharma asks if it is too much to want a law that will truly protect women from torture behind closed doors.
Oct 01 2004
Gudiya's choice
The recent controversy over a soldier returning after four years to 'claim' his wife is telling. It illustrates that where women are concerned, everyone has an agenda: the panchayat, the media and the media-consuming middle class says Kalpana Sharma.

Kalpana Sharma is an independent journalist, columnist and media consultant. She has been, until recently, Deputy Editor and Chief of Bureau of The Hindu in Mumbai. In over three decades as a full-time journalist, she has held senior positions in Himmat Weekly, Indian Express and the Times of India. Her special areas of interest are environmental and developmental issues. She writes a fortnightly column in The Hindu's Sunday Magazine section, The Other Half, that comments on contemporary issues from a gender perspective. She has also followed and commented on urban issues, especially in the context of Mumbai's development.

Kalpana Sharma is the author of Rediscovering Dharavi: Stories from Asia's Largest Slum (Penguin 2000) and has co-edited with Ammu Joseph Whose News? The Media and Women's Issues (Sage 1994, 2006) and Terror Counter-Terror: Women Speak Out (Kali for Women, 2003)