At India Together, we are often asked about republication of our articles. Sometimes, even the authors ask us about this. And over the years, we have developed a response that balances two goals. Primarily, we wish to see the best possible outcomes for India Together itself from our efforts to commission, publish and archive journalism and other information. But at the same time, while maintaining the distinction of our publication, we want the material we present to be widely available.

The greatest proportion of the articles we publish are exclusive to India Together. A significant amount of editorial review and scrutiny goes into these articles. And while it costs us to produce these articles, we nonetheless keep all our content accessible free of charge. We also take considerable care to archive these articles in ways that facilitate easy retrieval, and with links to a number of related articles already published.

Our guidelines for republication are as follows:


People interested in republishing our articles online or in print, must seek permission from India Together, as well as from the author of the article. Such permission must be obtained separately from the editors, as well as the author. Write to us at


All requests for republication must specifically identify the article under consideration. We cannot grant non-specific requests.


We strongly discourage multiple requests for republication. Any publisher may only seek permission to republish an article from India Together once in six months.

All republished articles must include the following citation: "This article was first published in India Together ( and is republished here with permission."


India Together will make all efforts to respond within 72 hours of receiving a legitimate republication request. A lack of response must be construed as a NO, not a yes.


When republication is in print, we ask that the publisher mail two copies of the print publication to us at the following address.

  India Together
  1677, 17th Main Road
  J P Nagar II Phase
  Bengaluru 560078
  Karnataka, INDIA