Orange growers face an uncertain future

Buffeted by low prices, middlemen and uncertain rains, and lacking adequate state support, orange growers in Assam fear they will not be able to continue living off their lands much longer. 

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From flavorful tea to perfume trees

Assam's tea growers, struggling under high production costs and low profit margins, have turned to growing agarwood, in the process helping to revive it from its endangered status.

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Erosion-hit farmers turn to horticulture

Amidst the gloom of lives endlessly disrupted by river erosion, a few farmers are successfully experimenting with horticulture in the heart of the very river that is swallowing their lands.

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Areca nut opens up new horizons for Assamese youth

Eco-friendly disposable plates and bowls made from sheaths of the abundant areca nut plant in rural Assam hold great promise for a lucrative industry with global reach. Ratna Bharali Talukdar reports on the enterprise.

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Char dwellers turn to sugarcane, but will it be enough?

A number of families residing in the char areas of Assam have apparently staved off misfortune by taking up sugarcane cultivation, but it may require more than just that to stem the trend of migration and improve living conditions in the region. Ratna Bharali Talukdar reports.

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The wonder climber for areca nut trees

A new mechanical device that makes areca nut harvesting less labour-intensive and hence affordable could solve one of the major problems faced by farmers of the crop. Shrikrishna D reports.

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Why not fruits and vegetables?
CHOICE OF CROPS : Why not fruits and vegetables?

A number of factors have combined to keep farmers in the country growing wheat and rice, instead of fruits and vegetables which would fetch much higher returns, writes Richa Govil.

In north Karnataka, dried banana bits are a hit
FARMERS TURN INTO VALUE-ADDERS : In north Karnataka, dried banana bits are a hit

For the last one year, Parameshwara Hegde Tumbemane hasn’t taken his banana crop to the market. He has instead used it to make sukeli, a delicious dried version and that is getting popular in the Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka. Shrikrishna D has more.

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