GSTAT: An urgent necessity and opportunity

The GST Appellate Tribunal is already much-delayed, and the apex court has directed the government to set it up swiftly. It presents a greenfield opportunity to build a completely online dispute resolution system.

#Trade #Economy
RJ, TN move towards universal health care

The fault lines laid bare by covid have made the public and the mainstream discourse are more attentive towards the state of health care. States are taking up legislation to recognise the right to health care.

#Health Laws #Health #RAJASTHAN #TAMILNADU
Anticipating the impacts of new laws

When a new law is proposed, it would be useful to anticipate the effects it is likely to have. Judicial Impact Assessments could help ensure that we do not exacerbate pendency and delays.

#Justice System
Laws for response to crises need reforms

The experience of women street vendors during and after the lock-downs shows that responses to crises mut be bound better by the law and rules, and strike a balance between different vulnerabilities.

#Livelihoods #Urban Poor #Human Rights #Relief #Women
Open courts provide assurance of justice

The courts are public institutions, whose functioning should be transparent and accountable. The media's role in informing the public about the courts should therefore not be diluted.

#Justice System #The Press
The gender bar-rier in the courts

The higher judiciary has very few women. While this low representation is acknowledged to be a problem by the judiciary itself, there has been no serious effort to correct it.

#Gender and Leadership #Justice System #Women
Citizens demand real participation

In cities across Karnataka, civil society groups are pushing the government to set up ward committees and area sabhas through which they can direct the governance of their localities.

#Cities #Government #KARNATAKA
Regional benches of the Supreme Court?

Should the appellate jurisdiction of the apex court be more accessible to the people? Or would that increase  litigation and lead to more inconsistencies between judgments?

#Justice System
Recognising the right to the city

The Delhi HC ruling in Ajay Maken offers hope to residents of informal settlements by protecting their right to housing and enhancing their role in decision-making about urban space.

#Cities #Housing #Urban Poor
Inclusion is more than benchmarks, says SC

Apex court rules that both public and private sector are obliged to make 'reasonable accommodation' to facilitate the full participation of disabled persons in society.

#Disability #Society
Hearing in progress, click to join
REGULATORY HEARINGS : Hearing in progress, click to join

Electricity regulators have been effective in instituting online facilities to conduct hearings remotely. With more steps, virtual processes could improve participation in normal times too.

#Consumers #Energy #Justice System
The dichotomy in India’s rule of law

The rule of law guides our legislative, executive and judiciary and all other institutions yet our country is in chaos. Harish Narasappa analyses the role of reason in making the rule of law stronger and effective to bring order in the country.

#Law and Order #OP-ED #Society
Monsoon Session 2018: What to expect
PRS LEGISLATIVE BRIEF : Monsoon Session 2018: What to expect

The Monsoon Session of Parliament began today and will continue till August 10, 2018. It is scheduled to have 18 sittings during this period. PRS Legislative Research outlines what is in store in the upcoming session.

Decoding the code on wages

This past August the Code on Wages was introduced in the Lok Sabha and subsequently referred to the Standing Committee on Labour for examination. Vinayak Krishnan of PRS Legislative explains the Code and its pros and cons.

#Labour Issues #Economy
Overview of the legal issues around Aadhaar

Anviti Chaturvedi of PRS Legislative Research discusses how the Aadhaar project started, why the courts have stepped in to examine its legality, and some aspects of the recent judgement.

Speedy disposal of court cases
JUDICIAL CAPACITY : Speedy disposal of court cases

High Courts and subordinate courts have been directed by the Supreme Court to expedite the disposing of criminal cases, yet cases languish for years in these courts. Harish Narasappa explains why it is so and how it can be fixed.

Banning commercial surrogacy
SURROGACY BILL : Banning commercial surrogacy

A brief overview of the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016 by PRS legislative.

#People #Women
Manipur: Rattled and torn
HILL AGITATION : Manipur: Rattled and torn

It has been more than nine months since a political crisis has snowballed into a battle between the tribals and the non-tribals of Manipur creating sharp divisions. Ramesh Menon surveys the fragile situation.

#People #Society #MANIPUR
The Supreme Court just made it easier for you to save lives; here’s how!

You don’t have to fear police harassment if you report or help an injured accident victim. You don’t even have to reveal personal details unless you wish to testify. Here’s a summary of the “Good Samaritan” guidelines that the apex court has now made compulsory for states to follow.

#Human Rights #Society
Cash inside pens and gift cards: Challenges before the EC

There is a lot that happens in the background to make sure that every Indian election - like the just concluded Bihar assembly election - is conducted fairly, freely and peacefully. Smarak Swain, who was on election duty in Bihar reports on the challenges faced by the Election Commission of India and how it is overcoming them effectively.

#Elections #Government
The DNA Bill is a recipe for disaster

The Centre for Internet & Society (CIS) registers its dissent over the new Human DNA Profiling Bill draft. Sunil Abraham, Executive Director of CIS, explains how the Bill does not address the privacy concerns despite a seemingly powerful language.

#Justice System #Law and Order
Are we even ready to talk about superstition?
THE IMPORTANCE OF PUBLIC DISCOURSE : Are we even ready to talk about superstition?

Rolla Das and Suparna Banerjee comment on the rampant obscurantism and complete lack of informed public debate around the existing and proposed legislation in various states against social evils practised in the guise of religion and faith.

#People #Society
The promises of Tadri: Mirage or reality?
MAKE-BELIEVE DEVELOPMENT : The promises of Tadri: Mirage or reality?

As environmental clearance on the proposed Tadri port in Karnataka is awaited, Dina Rasquinha and Aarthi Sridhar discuss how assumed future benefits of the port have been projected in complete disregard of the natural, environmental gifts that the region enjoys.

#Environment #Government #KARNATAKA

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