Why are so many housewives taking their lives?

Their high suicide rate is a substantial public health challenge. To address it, a scaffolding approach across domains is needed, as well as community involvement and awareness.

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Should our anti-dowry law shield husbands too?

The court decision prohibiting immediate arrests under IPC Section 498A meets the need for safeguards against false charges and enjoys the support of many, including a budding filmmaker. But does it come at a greater risk to genuine victims? Shoma Chatterji explores.

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Why Pooja got 'mad'

Behind the entire media cacophony over Pooja Chauhan is a real story and a real person. The story is a familiar one. Of women, thousands of them, who are harassed over dowry or over the gender of the child they birth, particularly if she turns out to be a girl, writes Kalpana Sharma.

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Why dowry will not die
OPINION / DOWRY : Why dowry will not die

Given the lack of any news about dowry deaths, dowry violence or dowry demands, one would have thought that the problem had disappeared. Far from it. In fact, it has become far more entrenched and taken new forms. Dowry is a symptom of a deeper disease that relates to how our society values women, writes Kalpana Sharma.

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A murderous arithmetic

The 'importation' of brides from poorer states keeps dowry rates in Haryana high, despite alarming levels of female infanticide. Ranjit Devraj reports.

Hitting dowry for a six

Kalpana Sharma looks at the implications of the Nisha Sharma episode for our society.

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Marriage - A retail outlet

Indra Chopra looks at the dowry custom cloaked within current-day marriages.