Women choose STEM, then opt out
WOMEN IN SCIENCE : Women choose STEM, then opt out

Plenty of women choose to study science and technology, but only a modest number of them are in long careers in these fields, and very few are making it to leadership positions.

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STIP2020: A wish-list, not a policy

The new science and technology policy joins its predecessors in presenting a wish-list for the country, but equally it also mimics the old policies in failing to detail how these wishes will come true.

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Forget politics, focus on smog science

It’s not the crop burning, stupid; it’s vehicles that create smog. The media should do its job in educating the public about this rather than helping foster the political blame game.

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Genetic Modification: Where is the science?

The debate in GM plants is deeply suffused by vested interests. In addition to impeding research, companies also exert their influence on review and approval, writes Sujatha Byravan.

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Attitudes to sex need healthy injection of science

Why would the Government of India deny a job to an individual who carries a mutation in the DNA? There is prejudice in the Indian society against individual perceived as "sexual anomalies". Vaijayanti Gupta initiates an educational discussion on the biology of sex and sexual orientations.

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Laureates meet: reminder to shackled Indian sciences

In July, 18 Nobel laureates met with over 500 young scientists from around the world in Germany. India sent 22 researchers. The meeting threw up many questions pertaining to the practice of scientific research in India. Varupi Jain has more.

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Science education on a slippery path

A Shanghai-based university's ranking of world universities has relegated the highly-rated Indian Institute of Science and the IITs to the bottom of its list, shattering the comfortable assumptions of Indian academics who pride themselves on their achievements. Summiya Yasmeen reports.

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Can science be women-friendly?

In the very profession where people should innovate, should try out new things, should experiment, the work atmosphere is ossified, hierarchical, resistant to any new thinking or to any change in the rules of engagement. Kalpana Sharma urges a new turn to an old profession.

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Toying with science

Rasika Dhavse profiles Arvind Gupta, winner of the National Award for Science Popularisation.

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