Women choose STEM, then opt out
WOMEN IN SCIENCE : Women choose STEM, then opt out

Plenty of women choose to study science and technology, but only a modest number of them are in long careers in these fields, and very few are making it to leadership positions.

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Household appliances: Fruits of labour

Does increase in women’s work participation lead to greater adoption of household appliances, or is it the other way round? Data from the US during the Second World War period provides some answers.

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Why aren't more women working?
WORKFORCE PARTICIPATION : Why aren't more women working?

Too many women who want to work are not working, and counting on growth alone to change that is not enough. An alternate, more gender-inclusive approach to growth is needed.

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Skills-building an imperative for rural India too and here’s why!

A recent report from the labour ministry reveals that skill-intensive occupations such as plumbing and carpentry pay more in rural India. Shambhu Ghatak looks at the data closely to argue for greater thrust on imparting skills, especially to rural women.

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In search of the elusive female traveller

Most Indian languages do not have a specific word for the female traveller. The traveller is by definition male, a fact that provokes Namrata R Ganneri to delve deeper into the gendered nuances of travel and its implications for women.

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Building the lives of those who build our houses

Sordid living conditions, poor educational and medical facilities, and lack of childcare inevitably characterise the lives of construction workers in the country. Are they ever going to be able to reap the benefits of the growth they facilitate? Kathyayini Chamaraj examines.

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Struggling against the double whammy of caste and gender

As part of a study on the socio-economic status of women from the ‘Most Backward Castes’, women from the Nayibrahmin or barber community talk of their lives of oppression and deprivation. Akhileshwari Ramagoud recounts their tales.

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The women who choose petrol over perfume

Comprised of over 350 students, professionals, homemakers from across the country, Bikerni is the first all-female motorcycle association of India. Surekha Kadapa-Bose brings us the stories of this group that has been charting new horizons for women to follow.

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Digging deeper into the law
SEXUAL HARASSMENT AT WORKPLACE : Digging deeper into the law

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013 aims to create safer workplaces for women in particular. However, as Anagha Sarpotdar points out, without deeper discussion and interpretation of its provisions, prevention of abuse at workplaces may remain a pipe dream.

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Who will cast the first vote for equality?

On World Radio Day, Ammu Joseph looks at the representation of women in Indian radio and wonders if the medium can play a more significant role in ensuring empowerment and equal participation.

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Women lead the way in eco-conservation

Women in the Sunderbans region of West Bengal are setting a trend in climate change mitigation through projects under the "Common Property Resource" initiative, and carving new frontiers in livelihood security in the process. Ajitha Menon reports.

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Where did all the women go?
SCIENCE CAREERS : Where did all the women go?
Vineeta Bal, a former member of the Prime Minister's task force for Women in Science under the Department of Science and Technology, explores the status of women scientists in India in a freewheeling conversation with Pamela Philipose.
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Look beyond the food
MID-DAY MEALS : Look beyond the food

Most studies on mid-day meal schemes tend to focus on the obvious nutritional benefits or lack thereof. Carly E Nichols argues that the impact of these programmes extend far beyond, justifying the need to fund and monitor them more stringently.

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Whose dynasty is it anyway?
WOMEN IN POLITICS : Whose dynasty is it anyway?
If 34 per cent of current parliamentarians have family ties and all those under 30 years are hereditary MPs, the concern over women alone leveraging family connections in politics seems misplaced. As the Women's Reservation Bill awaits yet another round of consideration, Ammu Joseph wonders if women politicians can and do make a difference.
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No welfare for social welfare workers
Abysmal pay, low dignity and zero benefits and security unite government-appointed social health activists from Punjab and UP at a protest meet in the capital. Amrita Nandy reveals some of their shocking tales of exploitation and deprivation.