If a new voter this election, or would like to vote but do not know where to start, this 'questions and answers' report is for you. Even if you are regular voter, there is information here that you could utilize.

Who are eligible to enroll as voters?

You are eligible for registration if you are 18 years and above on the qualifying date (January1st of the year of preparation of voters’ list). You must be an ordinary resident of the constituency /ward in which you live.

What does ordinary resident mean?

You are said to be an ordinary resident of the place where you mainly/normally reside. If you are living or working away in a city/town other than the place where you normally reside, you can choose to register either at home or at the town/city where you are studying/working, but not both!

How do I enroll (register) myself as a new voter?

Fill out Form 6. It can be downloaded from the EC website (www.eci.gov.in). You can access this from any cyber café near your house.

Form 6 is also available at your nearest Revenue office if you live in a municipality, Tahsildar’s office if you live in a Taluka (rural), and Revenue sub-divisional office if you live in a mofussil area.

Form 6 is also available at offices of the Election Commission of India.

However, if you have internet access, we strongly recommend using the ECI website.

What documents are needed while filing Form 6?

Address Proof (photocopy) and an identity card (photocopy). Any of the following documents are valid address proof : Property Tax Receipt, Water bill, Electricity bill, Telephone bill, LPG (cooking gas) bill, Bank account statement, Residential rental/lease agreement, Pension cards, Passport.

Where do I go for registration? What are the timings ?

Citizens in municipalities like Bangalore are served by Assistant Electoral Registration Officers at every Revenue Department’s sub-division offices and by Electoral Registration Officers at the Revenue Department’s Division offices. Find out your ward number and contact the Revenue department (Registration) office that has the jurisdiction of your ward. Voter registration forms are accepted during regular office work timings, Monday-Saturday.

For rural areas, file Form 6 at the Tahsildar’s office if you live in a Taluka and Revenue sub-divisional office if you live in a Mofussil area.

If you unable to find out office of registration, call the returning officer for your constituency and you will be directed to the nearest registration office.

While handing over Form 6, do not forget to collect the acknowledgement slip from the receiving clerk.

What is the last date to enroll as a new voter/for filing the Form 6s?

In general voter registrations are accepted upto one week before the last date for filing of nominations of candidates. For constituencies in the first phase of Elections 2004, March 31 is the last date for candidate nomination filings, and hence March 23 is the last official voter registration date. If you submit your Form 6’s on or before March 23rd, your name will be included in the voter list, and you are entitled to vote.

For constituencies in the second phase of Elections 2004, check with your nearest voter registration office, or simply treat March 23 as the last day to enroll. To find out the election schedule for your region, go to the EC elections schedule page.

If I submit my Form 6 now, will I get a voter ID card?

It is unlikely that you would get a voter ID card, before the coming elections. You will be able to get this after the elections.

How do I vote if I have enrolled recently but do not have an voter ID card?

On the date of voting, carry the acknowledgement that you received when you filed the Form 6, an address proof with the address details that you filled with the Form 6 and a photo identity to the polling booth.

I have moved to a new place, within the same constituency. How do I give a change of address?

Fill up Form 8A, and submit an address proof of your current residence, and a copy of the old voter ID. The instructions on how to get Form 6 apply to all forms.

I have moved to a new place, from another constituency, within the same state. How do I give a change of address?

Fill up Form 6, and submit an address proof of your current residence. Obtain a deletion certificate from the other constituency by filing Form 7.

I have moved from another state. How do I give a change of address?

Fill up Form 7 to delete yourself from old constituency. Obtain a deletion certificate from the previous constituency and file along with the new Form 6.

How do I make corrections to the details on my voter ID card or my particulars on the Electoral roll?

File Form 8 after filling it up with the correct details.

How do I verify if my name is included in the electoral rolls?

For your name to be in the rolls, you must have registered as voter. Contact the Electoral Registration Office nearest you.


What kind of information does a candidate have to file with the returning officer?

According to a Supreme Court order dated 13th March 2003, every candidate will have to file affidavits with the following information:

  • Criminal antecedent of the candidate
  • Assets
  • Liabilities including government dues
  • Educational Qualifications

This information is to be displayed on the notice board of the Returning Officer and to be supplied to media representatives, candidates and citizens upon request.

How do I contact high ranking election officials?

The contact information for all state chief electoral officers and senior officers are available at the website of the Election Commission. Click here to download contacts from ECI. (PDF, Acrobat reader needed).

In addition, you may contact the chief Election Commissioner of India - T. S. Krishnamurthy – at tskrish@eci.gov.in.

How do I report malpractices (hoardings, candidate mistatements/lies/conduct, money and liquor distribution, defacement of walls, loudspeakers...)?

Complain to the state’s chief electoral officer and/or EC nominated election observers.



Tel: 9844313317
(Public Affairs Centre, B'lore)

Tel: 080-2229 4445 (KEWC)
Timings: (9.30am - 5.30pm Mon-Sat)

What is the Karnataka Election Watch Committee (KEWC) all about?

The KEWC is a non-partisan citizens group comprising of eminent citizens of Karnataka. The committee is working to disseminate background information about candidates to voters before elections and monitor candidate campaign expenses. The KEWC will work closely with the Election Commission (EC) to achieve its stated objectives. For more information, read the India Together report on KEWC, click here.

I am a Karnataka resident and I have proof on malpractices, invalid affidavits filed candidates, etc.

Note down the details and request them to write to the Election Commission, with full documentary proof.

Office of Chief Electoral Officer
DPAR (Elections)
Old KGID Bldg, Annexe
Dr Ambedkar Veedhi
Bangalore -1
Email: ceokar@kar.nic.in

If you wish you can post a copy of your complaint to:

KEWC c/o Prof Trilochan Sastry
Indian Institute of Management
Bannerghatta Road
Bangalore 560076
Email: adr@icenet.net

What can I do to help the process of free and fair elections?

(i) Go out and vote,
(ii) Collect affidavit information
(iii) Disseminate candidate information to your friends and in the neighbourhood
(iv) Bring all malpractices to the notice of media and the EC.

To volunteer for the KEWC call : 080-2229 4445 (9.30-5.30pm Mon-Sat) or write to adr@icenet.net.