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Kerala’s royal connection: The luxury ‘uru’

In the non-descript town of Beypore near Kozhikode, skilled artisans have revived in a big way the tradition of making luxury ‘urus’, or dhow-shaped boats, as they find a ready clientele in the royal family of Qatar. Akshatha M visits Beypore.

Livelihood Art KERALA

A sudden cloud over Maharashtra’s nutritional progress
Data from the recently released District Level Household and Facility Survey shows disheartening figures for nutritional indicators, when compared to the last national survey. Shambhu Ghatak delves deeper into the state’s nutrition records and also tracks where others stand.
Food Security Child health

Pursuing development: The perils of the beaten track
The report of a high level committee led by Vijay Kelkar to promote balanced development in Maharashtra has several important recommendations. But will it all come to nought because of its failure to avoid a few conventional pitfalls? Shripad Dharmadhikary explores.
Agriculture Water Government Poverty MAHARASHTRA

The false promise of a demographic dividend
Much is made out of the proportion of youth in India’s population and what it could mean for its economy and progress. However, statistics and trends in education and employment within this group do not paint a promising picture, points out Kannan Kasturi.
Livelihood Education

What ails Sikkim’s Teesta hydropower project?
The 1200-MW Teesta III hydroelectric project has already seen years of missed deadlines and huge cost overruns, but more serious threats loom ahead as the promoter fights its own internal battles. Soumik Dutta has more on the various problems plaguing the project.
Energy Law and Order Government Sikkim

When one man stood up against a 35-storey giant
'Quarter Number 4/11' tells the story of a factory worker’s failed struggle to retain his home in the face of forced eviction by a high-profile real estate development in the heart of Kolkata. Shoma A Chatterji traces the narrative that is a stark commentary on development trends within the country.
Displacement Society Films and Books Human Rights

Who decides where your city ends?
As Bengaluru is proposed to be split up into different municipal corporations, Mathew Idiculla explains why it is important to examine how decisions regarding cities and their boundaries are taken.
Cities Government

Why Raghuram Rajan has lost patience with defaulting promoters
“We need a change in mind set, where the wilful or non-cooperative defaulter is not lionized as a captain of industry, but justly chastised as a freeloader on the hardworking people of this country,” said the RBI governor in his recent lecture at IRMA, Anand. An unedited transcript of his speech:
Public Funds Laws

Are there smarter ways to run our cities?
The ruling government has allocated 7,060 crores of rupees for smart cities, but do our realities allow for westernised ICT-driven smart cities? Darryl D’Monte dwells on what would really make our cities smart, based on deliberations at the second Urban Age conference.
Waste Cities Government Urban Poor

Is lower inflation here to stay?
Most measures of inflation over the last couple of months point to an encouraging downward movement in price indices; Shambhu Ghatak deconstructs these measures and quotes observations of the RBI to show why it may still be premature to take low inflation for granted.
Agriculture Trade Government

Crying out for clarity
The e-commerce space in India has been growing in leaps and bounds but inchoate rules and dated laws have created ‘grey areas’ that need to be cleared at the earliest. Akshatha M outlines the key issues in the debate.
Trade Government Laws

Workers leave agriculture, but where are they headed?
The declining participation of labour force in agriculture could have been treated as a natural, inevitable phase in the country’s transition towards industrialisation, but for the employment trends visible in the industrial sector. Kannan Kasturi’s analysis captures the real cause for worry.
Agriculture Livelihood

Kerala: A murky ‘state’ of affairs
From misguided attempts at prohibition and moral policing to scams in higher education and declining development, things in Kerala have been taking a rather sordid turn and hitting headlines for all the wrong reasons. P N Venugopal recapitulates some of the most recent developments.
Government KERALA Society States

Would you dare to ‘make in India’?
What will it take to make our cities really smart?
Urbanisation challenge: What will drive the funds?
There are more things in heaven and earth than stock markets!
Mumbai in the dock
If you want food security, why not have food coupons?
How about smart villages, Mr Modi?
No big bang in Jaitley’s budget
What we should score Arun Jaitley on
Why UPA’s folly could be Modi’s too
Should Modi now steer India towards Gujarat?
Why the IB report is undemocratic
Can farmers look ahead to “acche din” as well?
The economics of a strong democracy
Oxford study validates Indian environmentalist claims
What they say about the things that really matter
How parties are wooing the young voter
What bankers don’t tell you about their bad loans
Mundra SEZ: Deemed, but not approved
For whom the tolls rile
The strange case of ICTT Vallarpadam
What constrains our social enterprises?
When every Indian has a bank account
At Kandla, no room for marine ecosystem
Delhi's cry: No more dead men walking
Should there be a Nobel for economists?
Greening the finance sector
One Person Companies: Speed without effective brakes?
Helping businesses help society
Can rural India get the 'power' to choose?
Transferring benefits, but where?
Irreconcilable differences : The Right-Left Divide in Economics
Why I root for right to food, for all
Death knell for music?
Humble jackfruit eyes haute cuisine status
Reading beyond Siddaramaiah’s lines
60 to a dollar: Good, bad or ugly?
Beware of disaster profiteering
A 'pilot' that lost direction
When a legend returns
'Pearl of water' transforming lives
Ballia: Chasing elusive dreams
Corporate interests rise above all
Professional or mercenary?
A bumpy road ahead for electric vehicles
BUDGET: Why more taxes may be good
Founders would have wanted inheritance tax restored
Why ants didn't win the Nobel prize
FDI in reverse
In praise of transfers
FDI: Just the facts, please
CNG isn't really the answer
Making CMPs more useful
The key to the handloom crisis
Who profits? Who pays?
Building the Transit Metropolis
Welcome, foreign investors!
Where woodcraft is a way of life
Oil subsidy is all gas
Moving in, staying out
RBI frees deposit interest rates
Manufacturing a policy
Cooking the dam books
Ideas to market Jackfruit
The great drain robbery
Agitation looms in Kerala over National Highway widening
MGNREGA payment woes: bad to worse?
Albert Pinto's missing anger
A canal of misery
Plugging the skills gap
Making silk looms spin faster
Untying the states
Kerala going greener
The first true BRT in India
Varanasi weavers get GI protection
New sparkle in Assam's jewels
Bihar's bridges, way to a new work culture
Meet on quality of growth and inclusive development
The spirits of Mumbai's cars
Inflation: perception and reality
Making sense of the rural rush
G20: The 'trillion' dollar magic trick
Kerala crisis prescription: unconvincing, no rigour
Bodo weavers spin money in Bhutan
HDI Oscars: Slumdogs versus millionaires
Whose crisis is it, anyway?
World Bank's CAS: The forward march of failure
Sericulture gets a boost
From snow ball to coconut lassi
SEZs: engine derailed?
Driving away cars from city centres
Selling thick and fast: land and dreams
Lured to sell, driven to buy
Nagpur's land party: risky, unregulated
Milkmen of a dying village
Nagpur cargo hub plan drives villagers desparate
Give us a break, Mr Sreedharan
PPPs: Tall claims, but little evidence
Artisanal weavers struggling to survive
The new avatar of banks
India's coal-to-liquid push short-sighted
From Busway to BRT
Too much fruit, too little bounty
High growth: In deep waters
Power to the rich, literally
Wanted: talented young to match jobs galore
Two classes, two unions
Villagers protest plans for salt factory
Brass metal work losing its shine
Tripura taps the rubber economy
Uneasy quiet on the POSCO front
SEZs: A history of injustice and abuse
How about a fruit ice cream?
India's investment opportunities in sustainable business
A rural B-school for women
Courses and jobs aplenty, but students uncertain
Carts, kiosks and Indian retail
Tender coconut juice, instantly chilled
A 'sour' source of delight and livelihood
Lives strangulated by needle and thread
Looking beyond the chicken's neck
Jobs, skills, shortages and future-proofing
Traditional knowledge receives a boost
A storehouse of untapped potential
Training the millions left behind
Pune's BRT stumbles at the start
Bit by byte, IT firms make rural plans
More self-goals by the PFC
SEZs: Invitation to chaos?
Citizens input on power tariffs
Tender coconuts break into corporate offices
Darjeeling tea's lessons for handlooms
The 'Free trade' explosion
Thirty years with a load of fish on her head
Caution - road work ahead
Bt: Flaky results, pre-determined consensus
Look who's on the road
A floundering trade
Does Jamnagar diesel equal Basmati?
Compact biogas plant making waves
Livelihoods caught in the nets
Making motorists pay
Reviving the cotton-to-cloth chain
Ahmedabad takes the bus
What's in a brand name?
An independent voice for workers
Beyond the Clemenceau's recall
The high cost of 'easy' foreign exchange
GDP planning: number crunching won't do
Too little, for too long
Build first, sell next, approvals later
Basmati beset by debate and delay
Weaving woes on the handlooms
A new coalition backs garment workers
Power-play, for the people
How many bullets maketh a dam?
The dams balance sheet
A drive through hell
Low cost rural houses from local materials
An exceptional nation
Micro credit gathers force
A prescription that suits the doctor!
Mindful markets
Entertainment tax bonanza in Kerala
Serving up success
Weeds of hope
Businesses, growth and the good society
Less scrutiny of PSUs planned
Snakes and Ladders in Chingrajpara
Into the maze of the EGS scam
The enterprising labour of small vendors
Special Exploitation Zone
The whole world's bhujia
'Middle class' palaces
'Regularly' employed in Chingrajpara
Connecting outlays to outcomes
GI protection: too little, too slow
Budget 2005: Rhetoric vs. reality
The hamaal: weightlifter or pack mule?
Salvaging VAT's left
Brains and bullocks
Pulling the workhorse, driving the rickshaw
Water canals, or treasury drains?
Tsunami hit saltmakers suffer govt silence
A breach in the interlinking plans
Pracharak to politician, and now, activist
Recruiting debt
Bangalore airport: real estate or runway?
Death knell for low cost medicines
Flower power
The future of Pune's public transport
VAT, or something like it
Bustling, struggling, progressing
Keep away, Anjammas tell GM pushers
Waiting and guessing
Shifting designs
Tax better, spend better
This money grows on trees
Common minimal budgeting
Fast, smooth, and affordable - but when?
Train to nowhere
What’s in a Name, Part II
Dial R to reroute funds
Orissa's labour industry
Migrant labour, migrating debt
What's in a name?
Defence or development?
Money for nothing
The shadow economy
What can save Kerala's small coir?
Diamond Point : where dignity is auctioned
Organising inside the home
Business for benefit
Chinks in the armour
Bridging the banking divide
Thanjavur : summer of discontent
Geographical indications in jeopardy
Progress by any other measure
Livelihoods : the numbers tell
Unemployment and migration
Money talks, ... and walks
A burdensome livelihood
Financing inequality and impunity
The rise of India and WSF
Leadership by non-believers
Judge derails expressway plans
A surge for consumer rights
Rescuing the coconut economy
A weekly struggle
Leading a horse to water
A depressing flavour
Old books in old lanes
These food subsidies inflate prices
Did India win or lose at Cancun?
Disquiet before Cancun
Saviour of the hassled commuter
Ganging up on development
Unmapped, yet visited
Re-routing livelihoods
Budget, Women & The Yawning Gap
From then till now
Production cost Rs. 60, auction price Rs. 47
Technology Transforms Rural Women
Making a Govt Scheme work
Dignity though Papad making
Business with humanitarian goals

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