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What have the reserved constituencies voted for?

In the 2014 elections, the BJP won 66 out of 131 seats reserved for SC/ST candidates, which is the highest for any single party since 1991. Prabhu Mallikarjunan looks at the statistics and tries to decipher what this says for voting behaviour in these constituencies.

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Why Punjab still holds aloft the flag of 'new politics'
While the entire country appeared unimpressed by the Aam Aadmi Party and its promises, Punjab not only sent four of its candidates to the Lok Sabha, but as recent data shows, also overcame the rural-urban divide in its mandate for the party. Srinivasan Ramani explores why.
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The many nails in the UPA coffin
How strong was the Modi wave? Did recent state elections impact voter choice in parliamentary elections? Did better performing MPs necessarily augur well for their parties in the respective constituencies? A statistical analysis by Srinivasan Ramani finds interesting linkages between these and the UPA drubbing.

Corruption: Do we really care?
Did corruption as an issue only create noise, or did it really impact voter choice in the 16th Lok Sabha elections? Prabhu Mallikarjunan finds that the answer may not be very straighforward or simple.
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The AAP phenomenon: Too early for an epitaph
The results of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections apparently point to an abysmal failure of new politics as championed by the Aam Aadmi Party, but a deeper look by Himanshu Upadhyaya suggests all may not be over just as yet.

A dream come true, but can it seed another?
The overwhelming mandate won by the BJP under Narendra Modi has led to continuing upward rally in the markets, but can it also inspire similar cheer in the social space? Shankar Jaganathan remains optimistic.
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The message from voters in 2014
Combining provisional voter turnout data and the perceptions of MP performance based on the Daksh-ADR survey, Srinivasan Ramani attempts to make reasonable assessments about what could be behind high turnouts in this Lok Sabha elections.

The rich and famous funding elections - why not?
Any election campaign and process needs money, and as long as the exercise of money power is well-regulated, it can never thwart the power of the people, feels P V Rajeev.

Voices Modi and Kejriwal must listen to, beyond the noise
Days before the much-hyped showdown between Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal in Varanasi, Prabhu Mallikarjunan pays a visit to the holy city to know more about the loyalties and concerns of people on the ground.
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How an MLA hopeful lost the race even before he could contest
Atum Welly, a former Congress minister in Arunachal Pradesh who switched to the BJP, alleges that a fraudulent move threw him out of the election process, as the Election Commission of India accepted a forged letter of withdrawal and declared his opponent elected. What’s more, he is not alone! Ramesh Menon reports.
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Penalties rare for Togadias and Masoods, but mileage aplenty
The fierce political campaigns around the 2014 general elections have seen rampant communal rhetoric and instances of hate speech by followers of all camps. Tanvi Bhatikar digs deeper into hate speech law and judicial proceedings in India with a comparison to UK and Europe.
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Why voters in Telangana are still puzzled
Days before Telangana goes to polls, Venugopalrao Nellutla examines the lack of exuberance and the dilemmas among people in the region, even as they look ahead to statehood and their own government in weeks from now.
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India’s “third gender” enters poll fray with new hope
In a first, the Lok Sabha Election this year has at least four candidates from the transgender community, traditionally one of the most under-represented groups in the electorate as well as political leadership. Prabhu Mallikarjunan looks at their participation this year, as well as the challenges that lie ahead.
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What sways the urban voter?
Chennai voters wary of disappearing acts
Homecoming election for Harvard professor, courtesy Mamata
Why I will not fall for the ‘Vote for PM’ trick
What they say about the things that really matter
Women MPs: At par, but rare still
How parties are wooing the young voter
Who will spare a thought for the environment?
Leading from the capital
Will the Western Ghats decide Kerala’s mandate?
Could Modi be a development disaster?
“What about our dreams of a free Tibet?”
Rating our MPs: A few ground truths
Tracking Chennai’s faces in Parliament
Not just one party or the other!
The not-so-glittering stars in Parliament
Of Hyderabad’s ‘Sansad Ratna’ and his peers
NaMo-RaGa brand war drowns out Assam’s cries
How well do you know your MPs, Kolkata?
What has your MP done for you?
Politics, through the eyes of Bihar’s Dalit students
Why Arvind Kejriwal does not need magic
Does the loser take it all?
A tipping point for Indian democracy
When idealism isn't impractical anymore
What makes the Aam Aadmi Party tick?
Third front romance not as smooth as it seems
Resignation drama could be a self-goal for BJP
Modi-Nitish Kumar 'shadow boxing' to continue: Dr. Sandeep Shastri
Paid news undermines democracy
Wanted: A clamour for better governance
Bangalore's graduate MLC race has stark contrasts
The Empire strikes back - and how!
Mass media: masses of money?
It is shameful to misguide people
Acts of choice
The "era of Ashok" - a new era for 'news'?
The medium, message and money
All fronts and no backs
The winter of our austerity
Maharashtra polls, Act II Scene I
The Age of the aam crorepati
The importance of Hyderabad
Price of rice, price of power
Elections 2009: A grand success
Where are tribal women in Indian politics?
Stagnant waters: Party manifestos offer little
Jumping into the fray themselves
Big money seeks common man's blessing
SC keeps door open on negative voting
Towards positive change
A forgotten Bengali hero
Jadcherla 13 draw votes from main parties
Getting the roll call wrong
Women of U.P., unite!
Elite activism: can't vote, can vet
Telangana by-election hits tobacco warning
Mumbaikers mobilise for civic polls
No need to amend the 'Office of profit' law
Criminals as leaders -- yet again?
Pradhans under the eyes of Asha Ashram
More reforms, says Election Commission
The electoral roll farce
Could these candidates be lawmakers?
Elections : the Kerala story
Not so stunning a verdict
Mass media versus mass reality
Pick your favourite millionaire
A children's manifesto
Talk: Decriminalising Indian politics
Why this election is different
Elections and Health
The millions who cannot vote
Voting : Frequently asked questions
Watching the candidates
Seven lakh voter entries corrected
K R Puram's local elections
Public verification of electoral rolls
So you want to vote

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