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Chidambaram's lip service to his own goal
Taking a 360-degree view of the Union Budget 2013, Shankar Jaganathan points out that despite 'inclusive and sustainable development' being a stated goal, the emphasis has primarily been on growth and finances.
Public Funds Government

BUDGET: Why more taxes may be good
It is time for the Union Budget 2013. Shankar Jaganathan argues why, in an economy such as India, despite the general public vote against taxes, raising the tax-to-GDP ratio is more critical than restraint in fiscal spending.
Public Funds Economy

Founders would have wanted inheritance tax restored
Given our Constitutional mandate to "endeavour to eliminate inequalities in status, facilities and opportunities," Shankar Jaganathan explains why reintroduction of the Inheritance Tax may be a step worthy of serious consideration.
Public Funds Economy

Law, justice, and the 'placebo' of compensation
Governments have taken to announcing monetary compensation for victims' kin in cases of criminal acts as well, but it hardly masks their failure to impose the rule of law or bring about systemic improvements, says Harish Narasappa.
Delhi is designed for rape
It will require a change in the DNA and design of the city for a reduction in the number of rapes in Delhi. Addressing the structural problems of Delhi is a critical component of improving the situation, argues Jacob John.
Cities Opinions DELHI

Delhi is designed for rape
It will require a change in the DNA and design of the city for a reduction in the number of rapes in Delhi. Addressing the structural problems of Delhi is a critical component of improving the situation, argues Jacob John.
Cities Opinions DELHI
Norway episode: Problem of evolving societies?
The issue of parental authority to resort to corporeal punishment on children is a matter still hotly debated in large sections of our society writes Shankar Jaganathan.
Children Society

Tips for change
Can we tap into the power of crowds and popular fashion to address persistent poverty? And what would such an effort look like, wonders Gijs Spoor.

Innovation in India
The inability of India to adequately provide for its own population no longer reflects a failure of implementation, but rather of a failure of innovation, writes Aditya Dev Sood.

Invest in design
If we want to accelerate innovation in the marketplace and public squares of our society, we need also to invest more in design, writes Aditya Dev Sood.

What powers must the Lokpal have?
Disagreements on the Lokpal, even amongst the reform-minded, have arisen because globally there is no consensus about the exact role of the ombudsman. Rajeev Kadambi looks at the options before the Hazare-Government panel.
Government Opinions Laws

Agitation looms in Kerala over National Highway widening
A massive agitation is brewing in Kerala against the proposed widening of Natonal Highways 47 and 17. It is spearheaded by the NH47- NH17 Joint Action Council. P N Venugopal examines their case.
Transport Economy KERALA
Nuclear Liability Bill: Who bears the brunt?
The nuclear liability bill by capping the liability arising out of a nuclear incident appears to be an effort to protect the nuclear industry at the cost of the fundamental rights of the citizens writes Mathew Prasad Idiculla.
Energy Human Rights

Music of the monsoon
Green talk alone doesn’t suffice
Is the LDF coalition’s confidence wearing thin?
India's tiger reserves are maternity wards
Are Indian policy makers listening?
A limited 'tribute' to an unlimited legacy
How not to remember Bapu
From awareness campaigns to real change
Once bitten, twice not shy
In the cross fire between security and insurgency
Kerala crisis prescription: unconvincing, no rigour
The world, according to Tom Friedman
Look inward: the lesson of Mumbai
All asleep on the western seaboard
Heed the silent protest
Can there be justice without the state?
The new avatar of banks
The trouble with Eden
Unanswered questions, forgotten middle path
India's coal-to-liquid push short-sighted
Long disenfranchised, and struggling for ST status
Kerala's development paradox
Baba Amte: Restless and romantic
Delhi's Tibetan glitch
Attitudes to sex need healthy injection of science
Manufacturing consent through selective knowledge
Playing politics with floods
Fighting eve-teasing: rights and remedy
All legislation and no conservation
GEAC's poor record of regulation
Will open defecation end by 2012?
State has no religion
The willful breaking of Narmada promises
Nandigram, an atrocity on dalits
Contesting the language of development
A mortal blow to Panchayat Raj
Are judges over-reaching?
Media barons and press freedoms
SEZs: Lessons from China
Farce follows disaster
A storehouse of untapped potential
Move to amend tribal land law dangerous
Will the Public Health Foundation be meaningful?
Burning biomass is not green - II
Darjeeling tea's lessons for handlooms
Say no to the new iron curtains
Acquiring offices for profits
Rise of the moneylender
Changing sex roles in Indian advertisements
From plants to plastics
The rising import of 'suicides'
Reservations and the 'politics of illusion'
Importing a farming crisis
Much research, but no decisive action
Behind the lessening of true potential
A convenient collusion
Nukes in favour, crops downgraded
Girls without power
GDP planning: number crunching won't do
Can I have my answer papers, please?
ASER and beyond
Police reforms: creative dialogue needed
An autonomous NREG Agency needed
To serve and protect
Between sting and scam
Between sting and scam
CAG audits of PSUs must stay
From saree weaver to leader
Unleashed from the bottle
Making it to page one
Forest fights, Indian style
Advertising mirages to mask reality
Naidu, but with another name!
More teeth in new RTI legislation
Little space for grassroots innovations
Remembering Dandi
Are we feeling global yet?
The ABC's of fighting AIDS
Free to express, not intrude
Substance, not mere structure
Draft RTI law needs sharpening
More than the letter of the law
Right-to-information or disclosure?
Lessons? What lessons?
Second generation reforms: delivery
Environment and the new Government
Appropriating Nehru
Entente with the east
Not so stunning a verdict
Bridging the banking divide
Organic : to combat pesticide residues
Despising politicians is dangerous
Beyond violence and silence
Infotech and creating resources
A question of honour
India Shining?
Globalisation, values and democracy
Give our children a chance
Government : simpler and cost-effective
Economic rights as human rights
Plight of the vulnerable
Rescuing the police force
New federal roadmaps
Hunger amidst plenty
The base of the pyramid
Legislature and Judiciary: The balance

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