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How Karnataka's mega port project is bending the rules

Legal and procedural lapses as well as disregard of critical public submissions are tarnishing the EIA of the proposed Tadadi Port in Karnataka. Kanchi Kohli reports.

Environmental Law and Regulation KARNATAKA

Where leopards await human compassion
The lack of awareness about a traditionally peace-loving species and inadequate safeguards to protect their natural habitats and corridors are posing a serious threat to the continued survival of leopards in and around the city of Guwahati. Ratna Bharali Talukdar reports.
Bio Diversity Wild Life ASSAM

'Krisis': Can Greece inspire India?
The dramatic political transformation going on in Greece, with the victory of the leftist party SYRIZA, is worth watching closely for all those in India who hope for a just, sustainable future. Ashish Kothari deliberates upon the lessons to be learnt.
Economy Government OP-ED Human Rights Ecommentary

What binds every family in this Kerala Panchayat
The thrust on chemical-free cultivation of vegetables that started as an experiment in the 90s has now evolved into a culture in Kerala’s Kanjikkuzhi Gram Panchayat. P N Venugopal traces the growth and success of this initiative so far.
Organic Agriculture Livelihood KERALA

A jaundiced view of the Taj
The pernicious threat of pollution looms large over India’s most celebrated heritage structure and one of its most prominent emblems, the Taj Mahal, for decades now. Darryl D’Monte shares the findings of a recent study indicating that the ravages of pollution continue unabated.
Environmental Hazards U.P.

Blending theatre with nature
In Assam, a unique innovation by a passionate tribal theatre enthusiast succeeds in taking the art from the confines of the auditorium into the lap of nature, creating a near-cosmic experience for the performer as well as the audience. Ratna Bharali Talukdar reports.
Art ASSAM Society

Will 2015 be a year of hope?
Will the synergies between the politics of resistance and grassroots initiatives towards reconstruction of the damages wrought by ‘development’ be reaped effectively enough in the year ahead? That is what Ashish Kothari will track in his new blog.
Government Justice Poverty Human Rights Ecommentary

A critical role for India at the helm of a new order
India’s decision and actions in appointing the first president of the BRICS New Development Bank will signal its thrust on social and environmental sustainability, not only within the new financial order but also domestically, writes Sunita Dubey.
Government Opinions

Will banning older vehicles clean the air in Delhi?
Is modernisation of transport the sole answer to air pollution problems in Delhi? In view of the NGT's proposed ban on older vehicles on the streets of Delhi, Sarath Guttikunda draws attention to several problems that need to be addressed for a healthier environment in the NCR.
Transport Environmental Hazards Environment opinions Urban

Missing the woods and the trees
Ever since the report of the Subramanian Committee, set up to review and amend key environmental legislation, was leaked, several questions have been raised regarding its real implications for the environment. Darryl D’Monte explains some of the most critical concerns.
Forests Wild Life Opinions Environmental Law and Regulation

How much do you know about the air you are breathing?
Red, yellow and green are not just about traffic lights any more. Colour coding the air quality in cities is a critical step towards dissemination of pollution data among citizens. But does India’s air quality index satisfy all the necessary conditions for optimal use? Sarath Guttikunda has more.
Environmental Hazards Urban Government

The tiny creature that has made the Assam zoo famous!
On 15 November, the Assam State Zoo opened its doors to three pygmy hogs, becoming the only zoo in the world to house this critically endangered species. Ratna Bharali Talukdar reports on an ongoing project that’s trying to save the animal and its habitats in the face of all odds.
Bio Diversity Wild Life

A continuous struggle between ‘power’ and the people
In yet another contested environmental approval decision, a 300-MW power plant in Gujarat has been granted changes in technology, relaxing certain original conditions, without any public consultation. Kanchi Kohli reports on the grievances of the local people.
Energy Water Environmental Law and Regulation

Food security, courtesy Odisha's tribal women
Decoding the red alert on green NGOs
What the Modi juggernaut entails
What they say about the things that really matter
Ash everywhere; in your food and water, too?
Could Modi be a development disaster?
Planning for a climate-resilient city
Our streets are meant for walking: Gil Penalosa
What bankers don’t tell you about their bad loans
Mundra SEZ: Deemed, but not approved
When will Indian politics wake up to climate change?
Old approvals from a new regulator?
Travelling afar for solutions nearby
At Kandla, no room for marine ecosystem
Ministries turn a blind eye to impact of small hydel projects
Powerful forces get water for power
Women lead the way in eco-conservation
Farmers take the long-term view, with long stalk rice
Is CCI a bypass lane for the laws?
Have you overstepped the Sustainable Consumption Line?
Greening the finance sector
Can accreditation ensure accountability?
A committee to exonerate industry?
Villages devoured by rising waters
MP town seeks to reclaim its right to water
Mumbai fights the towers that trouble
Life in uneasy forest terrain
'Maha' problems over minor irrigation
River basin management: Missing the boat
When growth is another word for violence
Pune civic ward sets an example
All those kinds of gaze
Seaplane grounded!
New report on POSCO - who's listening?
Why women in this village can't cook dal
The weapons of destruction we ignore
Kerala loses its precious Kenis
Niyamgiri gets some time to breathe
Bhama Askhed Dam: Just another pawn
Diversion of forest land denounced
Kudamkulam: Ready to produce power?
In support of a paradigm shift in water
The strange case of India's missing dams
White Paper, or whitewash?
One state, but divergent demands
Shallow understanding of deep risks
Different reef, same barrier
The saffronisation of green
Better, but needs more work
Going awry with the flow
Partly our responsibility too
POSCO ruling sets new terms
Re-imagining public spaces
Nothing secret about Panel reports
Mera Bharat aur Mahan
Are Himalayan glaciers not melting?
Do verdicts matter?
Tunnels in the hills
Pushing to privatise
Rights Act, not working right
NGT: The first seven months
The people's energy
Third time around the law
Radiation looms over power plans
My fossil fuels, your land
The cost of the coast
Back-pedaling the market mantra
Niyamgiri again
Singrauli singed by coal and power
Montreal Protocol: The unfinished agenda
Here a plant, there a plant
Lessons from Chile's Water Code
Is the Forest Rights Act working?
A burning issue at Okhla
Areca leaf chappals seek market lift
Anguish in Angul
Bullet holes in the regulations
At Bhadreshwar, the clock is ticking
Keeping the roots in place
Grand plans for the Ganga
Inviolate space for conservation is not negotiable
Exigent, not principled
Nuking dissent over Jaitapur
Setting the clock back on clearances
Mine-ing the Brahmaputra waters
Warding off the water woes
'We don't sell our mother'
Already destroyed? Ok, then.
Capitulation at Cancun
Greening the smaller towns
A crevasse in the regulatory environment
Grappling with change
How culture counts
Where does the Yamuna flow?
The vilification of Pachauri
Electricity for All
Sickness at altitude
Blue river blues
How Dilawar's box is bringing sparrows back
Energy efficiency is inevitable
Grid-free, on the horizon
Appointment without perspective
Round and round the sacred hills
The bills we pay, and the ones we don't
Holding their ground against POSCO
Green talk alone doesn’t suffice
Going upstream on the Energy Road
Damming and damning the Teesta
Blinding lure, dirty lucre
Gold mining: The way forward
Linking conservation to livelihoods
Cost-effective technology stalled by Pune government
Expand the moral commons
Cleared, denied, cleared, ...
Building green and thinking green
Adding the fourth R
End of Plachimada battle. Or is it?
Construction, at any cost
Embankments that doom the people
Swamping environmental regulations
UN e-waste report spotlights India
Environment clearance: A sham again
Kerala going greener
Narmada dams continue to roll over the rules
Reasons for the Bt Brinjal moratorium
Climate sceptics get it wrong
How they pulled their farm back from the brink
First in RWH, but not self-reliant yet
Lokayukta slams mining in Karnataka's forests
India's missteps at Copenhagen
Coal waste darkens the Kelo
Criticism rising on Karnataka's Gundia project
Delhi HC overturns environmental mockery
India's tiger reserves are maternity wards
Blundering into a Himalayan mistake
Kerala mangrove island under threat, cabinet divided
Running wild with the BD Act
Where Suvarna Jala fails, schools leap ahead
In Palakkad, ‘rain pond’ to the rescue
Need to strengthen climate diplomacy
A miner's shortcut to green clearance goes awry
The 'power' to protect rivers
Study the impacts first!
Emissions of the rich and famous
Indian forests can support 20,000 tigers: experts
Exempt, but not exempt
The wrecking sand dunes of upper Assam
Red flags over green tribunal
Environment Report, 2009
The right to water: long road ahead
Drowning Himachalis, pampering Delhi
Expert panel giving conflicted IPR approvals
Awarded in haste, withheld
River basin studies: A half-hearted attempt
By the skin of their teeth
Lion poacher nabbed, awaits trial
The empire flows again
Hot ash burns child to death
Stagnant waters: Party manifestos offer little
Know-how at whose cost?
Kokkarni, saviour of paddy
Tiger census: four healthy landscapes possible
World Water Forums: Time to end them
NBSAP to NBAP: The downward spiral
No to noise
Coal mining threatens tigers in Maharashtra reserve
Public risk, private profit
River dolphin numbers rise
Revisiting the arrest of Sansar Chand
High Court pulls up the NEAA
The unique water tunnel of Sheni
Leopards face sustained threat
A boost to transparency in environment regulation
Water privatisation: Start again
A notorious coexistence gone wrong
Put in the water, take out the guarantee
Water sector reforms: Time for a new model
Winning the battle against poaching
Lessons up the hill
Softening hard water with rain
Consent under duress
Tribals, forest interdependence, and integration
The gift from the sky
Doors open for familiar nuclear worries
Another anti-environment ruling at the NEAA
Repairing Kosi’s breaches not a longterm solution
Hug and save the trees
Dam forays in other countries
Relocation of settlements is healing Sariska
Blessed by water
Kerala's unconvincing shot at the environment ministry
Tiger terror in Chandrapur
Institutionalising compensation for lost forests
Relocation of tigers to Sariska proceeds, amidst caution
Bit by bit, he filled his well
CDM and hydro-power
Missing the mountain for the snow
Water is no pipe dream here
Draft coastal regulation threatens fishermen
From biodiversity to biotech
Karnataka defers decision on Chamalapura power
France eyes India through environment lens
This bank deposits rain and draws water
Still advising the Forest Committee?
Vedanta - the suspense continues
'Relief' irrigation increasing worries for farmers
Letting Coke off the hook
Furore over EU carbon tax plans
Inaction on panel findings against beverage major
A hazardous smokescreen of words
How not to protect the Gir lions
Ski village plans hit the skids
A two-in-one well
A club for change
Old conflict resurfaces at Athirappilly falls
Shedding the borewell dependency
Fail, fail, fail .... and pass!
Living under constant threat of eviction
A 'Gurukula' for surangas
Massive dam plans for Arunachal
College saves lakhs of rupees on water
Divide and conquer, with plant and port
That 'new type' house
Diesel threat in cities continues to rise
New vistas in construction
Mine today, gone tomorrow
River erosion threatens Majuli
Tiger census results may sharpen conservation debate
A stream resumes year-round flow
Resettling people to protect the tiger
More accidents at dam sites
New facts emerge in McLeodganj case before CEC
Our food, our farmers
Setting a precedent for trafficking hazardous waste
Upper catchment, gains in the plains
The other side of the dam
Alert to the implications of climate change
CMS Vatavaran 2007
All legislation and no conservation
Here a breach, there a breach
Paradise lost..almost
Producers sneak into Indian delegation, endorse DDT
Is the remaking of Mumbai sustainable?
Will Mittal Steel be a raw deal for Orissa?
Taking stock of Sariska
Rural water supply: The Hebballi experience
Whittling away at NPV costs
The environmental refugees of Brahmapuram
This IFS officer saved a national park
Some simple trenches
People's school for water literacy
The Malnad mela
At last, some good news on conservation
Biodiversity: read the fine print
Pricing carbon correctly
Centre absent from water projects
A flawed model for water regulation
Ubiquitous, useful, and dangerous
Storm continues over Silent Valley
The ebb and flow of environmentalism
Passing the forest buck
Rights denuded in a forest of words
Arunachal wildlife protection: fence eats crop
What ails nuclear safety?
Going home with more than theerth
Nuclear safety: A poor record
Kerala re-assessing the environment
India's black agenda in a climate change era
Brown cloud, or brown man's cloud?
'Water deposit' revives open wells
A faint new wind at NEAA
How much for that forest?
Will the Blue Lady do a Le Clemenceau?
Whose expert is an expert?
Grey skies looming over colourful roads
A fair price for water
Hubli's plant doctor
Mine? What mine? Ah, yes, the mine.
Conservation in core zones
Wells for the well-being
Water meters help consumers, suppliers
Development disconnected from research
Railways violating forest conservation law
India's pro-asbestos position sets back international treaty
Wake up call on reservoir siltation nationwide
An undemocratic environment
Burning biomass is not green - II
Soft-pedalling the cola ban
Periyar discolouration: state board slammed
Defining temporary permissions
Endosulfan victims: Kerala owns up
Green, yes, but risky too
Kali river dam proposal resurfaces dubiously
Ministry of Corporate Environment?
Scourge of the aliens
Clearing the air in our cities
Compact biogas plant making waves
Burning biomass is not green
Well worth the change
States unhappy with centralised clearances
From plants to plastics
Hydro-power guidelines flawed
The Blue Lady anchors, quietly
Walk on the road, legally
The root of the solution
In the dam's waters they trust
Slipping from leadership on conservation
How can biodiversity be protected?
Don't dig down
Vanishing vultures: too late or is there hope?
Rewarding violators with room for expansion
Kerala: rain-blessed and short of water
The scrapping of Riky
Beyond the Clemenceau's recall
Sponge bath future
No public, no hearing
EIA: The foundations of failure
Illegal construction threatens Courser

French apex court rules, Clemenceau recalled
Crops for cars?
Coca Cola moving out of Plachimada?
Low-cost, these dams are lifelines
State bird in a perilous state
Adapting to change, and coping
Adapting to change, and coping
Junkyard justice at Alang
Dissent at home, as abroad, for Colas
Harvesting success in a troubled region
Chiru: A protected species in decline
Top to bottom, water and soil
Kudremukha mining: closure in sight?
Kudremukha mining: closure in sight?
MoEF fails to act once again
Rivers and plans off course
Warming up to climate change
Forest fights, Indian style
Faithfully harvesting the rain
Haryali: Not so green after all
Saw mills in a see-saw
Silicosis - a 'dusty' tale in Rajasthan
Malls trampling Delhi's green belt
Plenty on the roof
Expanding steel maker skirting enviro-law?
Where have all the sparrows gone?
Media campaign brings hope to desert
Water procession brings mindset change
1000 year-old tradition keeps them together
Advertising mirages to mask reality
Coastal sand mining push despite eco-risks
NEAA rejecting clearance appeals coldly
Mining away the river
IIM Kozhikode runs on rainwater
Restoring our endangered bioreserves
A bad odour in a forest of fragrance
Jambudwip - a fishy conservation
Rain or no rain, water for Coke
Combating biopiracy - the legal way
President Kalam, please listen
Some concrete solutions
Fighting for a better, cleaner world
Chennai sucking up rural water
Karnataka inches forward in water harvesting
Expert committees under the lens
Unguarded and awaiting protection
The half-life of justice and common sense
Researching turbulent waters
Orissa's aluminum mining costs are steep
North East: Apex court rules the forests
Rain barrels catalyse water harvesting
Still waiting for the green light
Reviving rural water bodies top-down
Bhimgad awaits justice
High 'court' of appeals, 2004: no cases
The brave new city?
Sethusamudram: Court opinion amiss?
Whose garbage is it, anyway?
Cleaning up Bhopal cost-effectively
India's legal backing for conservation
Slow progress towards sanitation
Rejuvenation of a hill range
Civil, but criminal
Concrete pressure on Delhi’s greenery
When 'good practices' turn ugly
On, off, viable, scrapped, ...
Less water, more pumps
A road through the laws
An election-year scarcity
Pushing an environmental policy
As the world turns, ... and heats
An eco-friendly Ganesh Utsav
Give the environment its due
Back: the long arm of the law
Destination Siroy
Dying tanks, dwindling water
Neutralising industrial waste with worms
Entering the environment
Seeds of hope
Weakening the enviro-clearance process
Twists in a tale of planning
Water : the hidden export
Back to the good old ways
Biodiversity ruled out!
Water - a national conversation
Updates on our forests
Municipalities overruling the SC
Silent Valley: threatened again
Himachal power project under scrutiny
Environment and the new Government
High voltage environmental activism
Putting away the toxic spray
Cart before the horse
Inter'changing' the Greens
After the poisoning
Rural water, people first
Unseen waters
Common people green the commons
An impacted assessment process
Recognition for Bhopal campaigners
Private, but still stolen
But where are the canals?
Rethinking waste management
Lights on!
Saving water to feed the billions
The Malaprabha river story
Organic : to combat pesticide residues
Treating garbage right
Cauvery delta : a new reality
Kalpsar: a lake of wishes?
Unchecked pollution on the Periyar
Pulp, paper and Bamboo
No wasteful business this!
Diverting a river, west to east
The doubtful science of interlinking
The doubtful science of interlinking
The doubtful science of interlinking
The doubtful science of interlinking
Interlinking the Chief Ministers
Piloting water
Coke case enters decisive phase
The living dead
A PIL for better regulation
The Chandraprabhu raingun success
Selling a watery euphoria
The dirty dozen
Environmental education - revised curricula
Killing them slowly
Piped dreams
Water: the privatization debate
Interlinking? No, thanks
Linking lives, not rivers
Kali polluter held accountable
Wrong, but still right!
Community conservation gaining
Seventh Kali dam shelved
Stopping virtual water trade
Different state, same story
Saviour of the hassled commuter
Route map : Effective environment education
Networked ponds transform drylands
Mineral sand coast under threat
Managing water, staying afloat
Mountain Vox
Rs.180 crores to bury a river
Mercury levels rising dangerously
Save the vultures
Bhopal goes to Dow Chemical
E-waste crisis : Around the corner
Still looking to the skies
100 meters - the height of stealth
Coping with the cruel summer
Tehri Dam - Verdict Awaited
Partnerships for a Cleaner "South"
Interlinking rivers : Epitaph for the displaced
The ties that bind and grow
Not quite as planned or promised
Importing of Hazardous Waste
Interlinking: Needs to be publicly debated - III
Big fish, little fish
Guardians of Sea Turtles
Interlinking: Salvation or folly?
Interlinking: Salvation or folly? - II

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