11 DECEMBER 2018
Education : Literacy
Awakening the somnolent state
The common thread between our external and internal security predicaments is our approach to time. Most security issues are long-standing and seemingly interminable. If we understood why this is so, we can change it, writes Firdaus Ahmed.
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Polishing away their futures
In one of development's pampered districts in Orissa, chamar children are still polishing shoes, some even as they are supposedly schooling. Special economic packages are helping only a little here, and academic performance and serious rehabilitation remain abysmal, finds Ranjan K Panda.

Education Caste Odisha
A programme for functional literacy
A few months of learning using the primers developed by Utthan have helped over 2000 women in the ravine regions of Bundelkhand so far; they no longer rely on the assistance of others for their daily reading needs. Freny Manecksha reports that crossing this threshold helps open the women many other doors too.

Are new teaching methods working?
Efforts to make learning more interactive and more fun for students appear promising, but it may be too soon to judge if they are positively impacting children's performance in standard tests and surveys. Meanwhile, teachers complain that these efforts have added to their already heavy burden. Padmalatha Ravi reports.

Curricula Education KARNATAKA
A mother's touch at school
An innovative program of education for young children achieves the twin objectives of encouraging more families to send their girls to school, as well as giving the teachers a greater sense of autonomy over their own lives. Malvika Kaul reports on the Mother-Teacher Programme.

Girls' Education Education Rajasthan
"My name is Minu Bora"
Pursuing a national measurement of the education, Rukmini Banerji reaches Arunachal Pradesh. Through chats and conversations and activities with children, she finds that the map of India is much more than dots and lines on a piece of paper, but also the anxieties and dreams of where we want to be tomorrow.

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Amitabha Basu
  • Retired Scientist
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