Where veterans refuse to give up, what does the future hold?

The increasing power and influence of veterans of the Indian army, known for their natural affinity towards the right wing regime in power, holds important implications especially when one considers the extent of its permeation into the serving structure. Firdaus Ahmed explains.

Nat. Security Firdaus Ahmed

Is the army court’s verdict on the Machhil killings enough?
The recent award of life sentences to the army personnel involved in the 2010 Macchil killings in J&K sends out a positive message, but there are deeper layers in the justice system that need introspection and overhaul in the pursuit of reconciliation. Firdaus Ahmed explains.
Firdaus Ahmed Justice

Sunburn warning for India’s day in the sun
India’s foreign policy moves under the Modi government have so far been aggressive, but sustaining the heat on the external front without a resolution of critical internal and regional positions comes with its own risks, writes Firdaus Ahmed.
Government Firdaus Ahmed

The value system of the ruling elite is a threat to India: Xerxes Desai
Hailed for his stewardship of Titan Industries where he built a premium brand from scratch and won for it international renown, Xerxes Desai naturally has one of the keenest perspectives on Indian industry. But his equally deep insights into Indian society and development become apparent through this interaction with Christopher Lopaze.
People Interviews

There are more things in heaven and earth than stock markets!
The media frenzy over Narendra Modi’s first 100 days in office is complemented by the cheer in markets, but Devinder Sharma sounds a caveat against judging the performance of the government by the standards of markets alone.
Agriculture Government opinions Economy Devinder Sharma

Indo-Pak talks: Getting past the eyewash
The calling off of talks between India and Pakistan is being attributed to the latter’s interactions with separatists, with an extended reference to incursions along the LoC. Firdaus Ahmed digs beyond the obvious to highlight the more likely cause behind the move.
Government Firdaus Ahmed Peace

Will Modi relook at ‘massive’ retaliation in India’s nuclear doctrine?
Regardless of how it is interpreted, India’s doctrinal promise of ‘massive nuclear retaliation’ in the event of nuclear first use by the enemy would be more than strategically flawed. At a time when India is now poised to review its doctrine afresh, Firdaus Ahmed digs deeper.
Nat. Security Firdaus Ahmed

Why I wouldn’t mind Modi’s 'juggernaut'
In response to an earlier piece by Leo Saldanha on India Together, Prakash Belawadi argues that many of the points raised by Saldanha in particular, may not be so incriminating after all.
Government opinions GUJARAT

What the Modi juggernaut entails
The sweeping mandate in favour of the BJP under Narendra Modi was largely an outcome of the articulation of his idea of development, popularised as the “Gujarat Model.” But what could the defining features of such a model be? Leo F Saldanha elaborates.
Government opinions Environment

The AAP phenomenon: Too early for an epitaph
The results of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections apparently point to an abysmal failure of new politics as championed by the Aam Aadmi Party, but a deeper look by Himanshu Upadhyaya suggests all may not be over just as yet.

A dream come true, but can it seed another?
The overwhelming mandate won by the BJP under Narendra Modi has led to continuing upward rally in the markets, but can it also inspire similar cheer in the social space? Shankar Jaganathan remains optimistic.
Elections Government opinions Education Health

The rich and famous funding elections - why not?
Any election campaign and process needs money, and as long as the exercise of money power is well-regulated, it can never thwart the power of the people, feels P V Rajeev.

A scheme for a better parliament
Though the quality and calibre of our representatives in Parliament, and consequently its functioning, has often come under a cloud, options for induction of apolitical talent in Parliament are limited. P V Rajeev envisions a scheme that could make it possible.
Government opinions People Society

Why I will not fall for the ‘Vote for PM’ trick
Getting ‘practical’ on No-First-Use
Rating our MPs: A few ground truths
When a river is reduced to an adjective
One gaffe too many
Mr. Leader, I have a question...
Could being ‘right’ be wrong for AAP?
A few facts for GM-advocate Manmohan Singh
FDI: Neither necessary, nor sufficient
Why Arvind Kejriwal does not need magic
Bad Economics, bad politics
The relevance of Vanzara's letter
US-EU spanner in the works of India's food security programme
Soldiers, not servants
An ambush loaded with meaning
Paid news undermines democracy
What makes world class cities?
Both of India's politics on display in KA
A good school for Maqbool
The new 'normal' at the border
In search of quality care
How they fool us, the outraged
The importance of being Asif Ibrahim
The strange case of 2nd Lt. Kalia
Making politics people-friendly
Reaching beyond its brief
The way ahead for women
A secure minority, for a secure nation
The fog of jungle warfare
No space for women
Expanding too fast?
Uncivil war in South Block
A permanent poverty
An age-old lesson
The 'Age' of misjudgment
A Prime Minister in peril
To specialise or not?
Degrading democracy
Some states fight the trend, but still ...
Who will bell the media cat?
The question of English
The pay-to-print saga resumes
A man to match his mountains
Shall we imprison everyone?
A flawed food security system
How valid is the criticism?
The Anna dilemma exposes an insincere government
Whose command? Whose control?
Not even a dent!
Ban the ban
Negotiate in good faith
Who killed Sathyamma?
Defence reforms: The next phase
Unity in militarism
Power women
Uttar Pradesh to set up 2000+ mandis
China in the strategic debate
The Anna Hazare phenomenon
The way we used to eat
Who won? Politics.
Long road still ahead
The nuclear black swan
Setting their own paths
What if Pakistan implodes?
Rising risks along the coast
Lacunae and contradictions
Manufacture of a partner
Can you really empower me?
For the few, by the few
The Army's right to its opinion
Empowering communities the right way
The lessons of Bihar
Muddling along
Home-schooling citizenship
The great drain robbery
Can I build my own house?
The national process
The narcissism of the neurotic
Mis-counting mortality
Starving for England
The nationalisms of India
Sickness at altitude
Dying of indifference
Demanding, and getting their entitlements
Food security, by definition
The tangled triangle
The tolerance of incompetence
Fear in the city
Oliver Twist seeks food security
Private Treaties harm fair, unbiased news, says SEBI
Ushering in change, the Ningamani way
The Empire strikes back - and how!
Will I get my dry firewood?
My name is Akkamma
The truth about encounters
Preparing for a tsunami of migration
Talk another day
Food security - of APL, BPL and IPL
Who pays the price for paid news?
Invisible environmentalists
Institutional ethics
Soldiers in our own images
Pause the mineral economy
Expand the moral commons
Solar Mission: More light needed
Twists, turns, dead-ends
The colour of water
AFSPA: Between battle lines
How to feed your billionaires
Politics: In need of revival
Genes can't be patented, says US court
Development now!
The great unmentionable
Schizophrenia of agricultural policy
Institutional order and disorder
Countdown to better representation of women in media
The government versus the military
Yet another pro-farmer budget!
The knowledge economy and the knowledge society
Educating India
A serpent in paradise
Farm suicides: A 12-year saga
The nation as a person
Nearly 2 lakh farm suicides since 1997
Man with a vision
Surgical strikes: Missing the mark
Playing the victim
Mass media: masses of money?
It is shameful to misguide people
Social banditry
Much hullaballoo, little cause
Growing without a plan
The "era of Ashok" - a new era for 'news'?
Our atom state
The Indian mercantilist empire
Our view, their view, the world-view
The honest leftist
Between a village and a town
The medium, message and money
A job for an infantryman
All fronts and no backs
The winter of our austerity
The beauty of compromise
Saved by the women
Stories of development
The Borlaug I knew
Superpower fantasies
The nuclear numbers game
Maharashtra polls, Act II Scene I
Where history and prejudice collide
The Media and the Flu
In praise of conservatism
Wanted: A peace movement
The absent celebrant
More migrations, new destinations
Drought of justice, flood of funds
Put your money down, boys
Power dressing
Home, not so sweet home
Turning Tamil swords into Oriya ploughshares
Making Kargil serve a purpose
The prickliness of our foreign relations
Food for all? Not through the NFSA.
Your identification, please
The chancellors' vice
The Age of the aam crorepati
Privatisation of behaviour
Looking at China, missing Pakistan
A law with flaws
Price of rice, price of power
Questions of policy
Inward lens for incoming government
Its own greatest enemy
Madhubani: The old and the new
The charkha and the naturalist
Many more Mayawatis
With a past to honour
Awakening the somnolent state
The dull days of White Gold
Darwin in India
Disturbed in Manipur
HDI Oscars: Slumdogs versus millionaires
The coming fateful decisions
Searching for Charlie
New language, old crisis
Whose crisis is it, anyway?
Towards positive change
Corporates look for rural gold
Mothers and motherhood
2009: A preview of security issues
Making visible the invisible
The sensitive sociologist
Woman of steel
Responding to terror
A stimulus package for farmers?
Over 16,600 farmer suicides in 2007
An indirect response to terror
Faceless citizens
Outsourcing food production

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