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Will passengers have to bear the burden of Mumbai Metro?

Even before the first line of the much-anticipated Mumbai Metro becomes functional, a number of issues have cropped up, most notably one over the pricing of tickets. Darryl D’Monte tracks the arguments, with comparisons to metro rail elsewhere.

Transport Cities Economy

Moulding the young as change agents
While formal education on climate change is largely structured around doctrines and laws targeted at mature minds, some have realised the importance of building awareness and inspiring action among the younger brigade. Angelica Pereira reports from Mumbai.
Climate Environment Environmental Education

Travelling afar for solutions nearby
The plan to erect 12 dams in order to meet the water requirements of cities in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region is not only objectionable from an environmental perspective, but also undermines the priorities laid out by the 12th Five Year Plan. Shripad Dharmadhikary reports.
Water Environment

Spaced out in Mumbai
India's commercial capital suffers from a deplorable lack of open spaces and falls far below both national and global standards in that respect. Clearly, the BMC is not tuned in to the requirements, as Darryl D'Monte shows in his report on the draft development plan for the city.
Urban Cities Government

Helping Pardhi children aim for the sun
While state atrocities against Pardhi communities show few signs of abatement, a small school in Mahadev Basti in Usmanabad, Maharashtra brings a ray of hope. Shirish Khare reports.
Education Adivasis Society

A new fast-yielding jackfruit
Jackfruit from the farm of Maharashtra's Prakash Sawanth yielded fruit in a record two years, an unheard of agricultural phenomenon in the country. Shrikrishna D reports on the many specialities of the new variety.

Cutting sugar: The bitter reality
Thousands of landless villagers in Maharashtra's Marathwada region are forced to take up sugarcane harvesting for lack of better livelihood alternatives. Shirish Khare visits the region and uncovers the rampant exploitation and hardships for workers that these contracts entail.
Labour Issues Human Rights

Mumbai fights the towers that trouble
As studies continue to highlight the potential health hazards posed by cell phones, Mumbai citizens are seen demanding stricter regulation and removal of cell phone towers from sensitive areas, but authorities respond with half-baked measures. Darryl D'Monte reports.
Environmental Hazards Urban Environment

'Maha' problems over minor irrigation
A tragic accident at the Chinchave Minor Irrigation Project in Maharashtra brings into focus long-simmering questions over the quality of minor irrigation works as well as the nexus between engineers and contractors. Parineeta Dandekar takes a look.
Public Funds Water Environment

Pune civic ward sets an example
The Zero Garbage pilot project in Pune's Katraj ward illustrates the critical elements of a successful and sustainable waste management initiative in the Indian context. Ayrel Clark-Proffitt, Saroj Badgujar, Sunil Agarwal explain how.
Urban Waste Environment

Justice eludes Mumbai's homeless
Displaced by the flawed implementation of Slum Rehabilitation Authority's policy and an unholy nexus of real-estate mafia, thousands of slum-dwellers continue to fight for their basic right to shelter. Swati Priya reports from Mumbai.
Housing Displacement Poverty Human Rights

A village with 60 millionaires!
Once impoverished and drought-prone, Hiware Bazar in Maharashtra is a shining example of how a visionary leader can use good governance to make degraded areas resource-rich and transform the future of its people through empowerment and inspiration. Ramesh Menon reports.
Water Panchayats Society

Bhama Askhed Dam: Just another pawn
A dam that was sanctioned upon its claims of being able to irrigate 30,000 hectares in a semi-arid area of Maharashtra does not even have canals 18 years after initiation, but spawns industrial development! Findings by Parineeta Dandekar typify the issues of many large dams in the state.
Water Environment Displacement

Drought in Maharashtra: The real story
White Paper, or whitewash?
One state, but divergent demands
Not your land anymore
It's not fun anymore
Maharashtra secretly amends RTI Rules
Small farms, big worries
Renaming Nakusa
Pie in the planning sky
Who is illegal?
Nuking dissent over Jaitapur
'We don't sell our mother'
Food security, by definition
Vidarbha farmers get market-savvy with hi-tech solution
Planning for Mumbai
Bombay HC sets aside dubious circular
Cost-effective technology stalled by Pune government
Adding the fourth R
A new home, but in a nala!
Mass media: masses of money?
It is shameful to misguide people
The "era of Ashok" - a new era for 'news'?
The medium, message and money
Study the impacts first!
All fronts and no backs
Maharashtra polls, Act II Scene I
The spirits of Mumbai's cars
The dull days of White Gold
No to noise
Coal mining threatens tigers in Maharashtra reserve
High-rise fantasies
Water privatisation: Start again
Vidarbha meltdown: bumper crop losses
He did not wait for the government’s new sop
Selling thick and fast: land and dreams
Lured to sell, driven to buy
Nagpur's land party: risky, unregulated
Breaking the silence
Consent under duress
Mumbai's eye in the sky
Milkmen of a dying village
Nagpur cargo hub plan drives villagers desparate
Another anti-environment ruling at the NEAA
The key to speeding up languishing RTI appeals
Old Port Trust lands on the dock
Tiger terror in Chandrapur
Eyes and ears, on wheels
Still fighting, in a maze of law and usury
From market yard to police yard
Mujhe jeene do
Zooming in on Vidarbha
'Relief' irrigation increasing worries for farmers
CAG report slams Vidarbha waiver package
A two-in-one well
'We cultivate pearls, but our children go hungry'
Surviving a battle they fight every day
Fighting to learn in their language
Wilful distortion denies salt pan owners justice
Baba Amte: Restless and romantic
Unwilling learners pose special problems
Know disaster, no disaster
The ultimate shaadi point for those in love
Children fix their own schools
Soya cultivation rising in crisis-hit Vidarbha
Managing global cities
Privatisation in the Krishna basin is recipe for conflict
Snakes and Ladders arming children against disasters
Steep health costs pushing farmers to the brink
What price, education?
When the one who dies is a woman
Life on credit, death in installments
Empty fields stare at farm widows
Relief cows are milking Vidarbha farmers
Is the remaking of Mumbai sustainable?
Leading relentlessly, till the end
Mumbai sinking
In Maharashtra, the government loves calamities
A rural B-school for women
Bt-ing the farmers!
Privatisation turns murkier in K East ward
Super-moms of suicide country
Land titles don't come easy for farm widows
Burning down standing surgarcane crops
A flawed model for water regulation
Sugar co-ops face a downturn
A model for sanitation for the urban poor
Cooking numbers as agri-volcano builds up
Hope in the season of hopelessness
The tale of three widows
It's been a hard day's night
Replying with bullets
Pune's BRT stumbles at the start
Exploring the new expressways
Bit by byte, IT firms make rural plans
The princely cow and the crisis
SEZs: Invitation to chaos?
The theatre of hope
Mumbaikers mobilise for civic polls
RG/PG - new twist to land grabs
Sermons for the distressed souls
'Yours or mine, either is fine'
The kiss of Chikungunya
A withering crisis
Horrifying face of the dammed river
When death comes faster than the package
Rich daddy, poor daddy
Nothing unscientific about it
Rise of the moneylender
Learning from Mumbai
The right to dance
Compact biogas plant making waves
Well worth the change
Making motorists pay
Long distance call
School soft drink bans mirror global concern
Walk on the road, legally
Much research, but no decisive action
Rape and the media
The transformation of Kavthepiran village
Vehicle loan currents in turbulent Vidarbha
Pune's draft development plan under a cloud
Poison reaches them, government does not
A spate of neighbourliness
Sponge bath future
Suicide in a distant land
350, and counting
Gonds nourish aspirations at annual fair
End of a wedding-dream
Power-play, for the people
Loan after loan
A drive through hell
Another farmer ends life, villagers distraught
Nobody touches the Act
Vidarbha distress and the end of innocence
Serving up success
Top to bottom, water and soil
Vidharbha awaits a deadly harvest
Shamrao Khatale breaks his appointment
Into the maze of the EGS scam
The riots and wrongs of caste
Mortgages are out, land grab is in
Chor Bt aur Bt chor
Of chit funds and loan lotteries
The farmer and his festival lights
Women in the audience
It says about a city
Health as someone else's wealth
As you sow, so shall you weep
No rain, but 'snow' and waterparks
Suicides: The price of power?
Russian roulette in Vidharbha
Whose suicide is it, anyway?
Mixed results for municipal water reforms
Cheques and balances, farmers have none
Water: How the deal was done
Maharashtra's coming water wars
The bank and the big bang
Moral police not moral policing
RTI finding : Cities subsidising the rich
A self-help success story
Forget Shanghai, remember Mumbai
Cut-off by the date
'The second freedom struggle'
Poll freebies not relieving Vidarbha farmers
Cotton marketing fails Vidarbha farmers
Vidarbha 2004: a suicides diary
Whose garbage is it, anyway?
Classes everywhere, not a stop to think
RTI may check Narmada dams
Subsidy to nowhere
The future of Pune's public transport
Who's teaching whom?
What happened in Vidarbha
Maharashtra: The last lap
Why their kids are dying
An eco-friendly Ganesh Utsav
Rehabilitation's short arm
This journalist demands his rights
Rising waters, declining hopes
Dial R to reroute funds
Health care in action
One village, one computer
A ray of hope in Nasik
Rural water, people first
Organising inside the home
Treating garbage right
Toying with science
Piloting water
The people's astronomer
Latur : a long journey
Something is changing
A curious bond
A revolution in infant survival
Healthcare : Eyes on the prize
The transformation of Mendha-Lekha
In the name of servitude
Women's Ways of Seeing
Making space for her in litigation
Keeping kids from killing kilns
We shall overcome

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