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Food security, courtesy Odisha's tribal women

In 25 villages across Rayagada district of Odisha, tribal village women have reclaimed the denuded commons and achieved a remarkable turnaround in food security and livelihoods through eco-friendly alternatives to shifting cultivation. Abhijit Mohanty highlights a few successes of the project.

Organic Agriculture Environment

Good food from dry land
Across 20 villages of Bankura and Birbhum districts in West Bengal, 800 families are learning to farm dry land anew in a sustainable manner, resulting in increased income, better health and nutritional outcomes, and food security. Ajitha Menon reports from Bankura.
Organic Agriculture Women's Health

Chhattisgarh’s food ATMs: Portable benefits minus biometrics
The functioning of the smart-card driven CORE-PDS system demonstrates the feasibility of introducing portability in social security systems without the use of biometrics. A student team from IIT Delhi surveys Fair Price Shops in Raipur district following the new system to assess how it has been faring.
Public Funds E-Govt Government

If you want food security, why not have food coupons?
The erstwhile UPA government’s Food Security Act, now set to be implemented by the present government, could mean unendurable strain for the country’s public distribution framework. P V Rajeev spells out better alternatives to explore.
Economy Government Opinions Agriculture Policy

A silent revolution brewing on our farms
An increasing number of farmers from across the country are flocking to the annual rice sharing festival in Tamil Nadu, where a whopping number of traditional rice seed varieties are exchanged and subsequently cultivated in different locales. Devinder Sharma reports from the 2014 event.
Agriculture Devinder Sharma

Looking beyond the spread on our tables
Overcoming our ignorance of the richness of traditional food options, and imbibing the culinary cultures of those who live in harmony with nature could signify a giant step towards food and nutritional security, says Devinder Sharma after his visit to a tribal food fest.
Organic Agriculture Adivasis

Mr. Leader, I have a question...
As the rhetoric among political parties over their commitment and promises to the people rises, Shankar Jaganathan articulates that one question that will test what they truly stand for.
Children Government OP-ED Poverty

What could make our farmers more prosperous?
Despite India's reliance on the agrarian sector, a serious farming and food crisis persists due to lack of government action and policy indifference. On its 20th anniversary, Gene Campaign releases a Charter of Demands to form the basis of an advocacy programme for bountiful farming, prosperous farmers and healthy food.
Agriculture Agriculture Policy

US-EU spanner in the works of India's food security programme
India's food security bill is on top of the negotiating agenda for the forthcoming WTO Conference at Bali. Devinder Sharma explains why the likely compromise in the face of posturing from developed countries could have serious ramifications for food security and self-sufficiency.
Agricultural Trade Devinder Sharma OP-ED

Look beyond the food
Most studies on mid-day meal schemes tend to focus on the obvious nutritional benefits or lack thereof. Carly E Nichols argues that the impact of these programmes extend far beyond, justifying the need to fund and monitor them more stringently.
UTTARAKHAND Work+Life Poverty

Why I root for right to food, for all
While the government's food security scheme has come under attack by many for its economic non-viability, Shankar Jaganathan argues that it may actually be both desirable and feasible if its reach is expanded.
Economy Opinions

President Mukherjee must reject the Food Security ordinance
It is an opportunity for the President to assert the authority and independence of his office by rejecting a clearly political move that is a slap in the face of constitutional morality, writes Nitin Pai.
Government Opinions

Beware of disaster profiteering
In view of the usual thrust on packaged food distributed in the name of relief and rehabilitation in the aftermath of any disaster or human crisis, L S Aravinda warns against the tendency to sell out local food traditions to the industry.
Economy Opinions

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