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Why Jaitley’s budget has failed to bring cheer to our farmers

As has been the historical trend, most of the budget announcements on agriculture this year, too, are geared towards benefitting agribusiness rather than augmenting farm income, writes Devinder Sharma.

Economy Agriculture Policy Ground Reality

For the love of the seed industry
It was a Valentine’s Day vow with a difference. The bond between the private seed industry and the public agricultural sector received a fillip at the recently concluded Indian Seed Congress in Agra over the weekend, reports Shalini Bhutani.
GM Crops Economy Government

Pursuing development: The perils of the beaten track
The report of a high level committee led by Vijay Kelkar to promote balanced development in Maharashtra has several important recommendations. But will it all come to nought because of its failure to avoid a few conventional pitfalls? Shripad Dharmadhikary explores.
Water Economy Government Poverty MAHARASHTRA

What binds every family in this Kerala Panchayat
The thrust on chemical-free cultivation of vegetables that started as an experiment in the 90s has now evolved into a culture in Kerala’s Kanjikkuzhi Gram Panchayat. P N Venugopal traces the growth and success of this initiative so far.
Organic Livelihood Environment KERALA

Farming for self-reliance in Kalahandi
The struggle to feed themselves and their families round the year drives millions of farmers in remote rural areas to desperate measures. Abhijit Mohanty’s story shows how sustainable agriculture has helped farmers in Odisha’s backward Kalahandi district pull themselves out of poverty and food insecurity.
Food Security Organic Livelihood ORISSA

Rest in peace, food self-sufficiency
Ironically at a time when food shortage is being widely perceived as a potential global concern in the near future, policymakers seem to be doing everything that would take agriculture further down the path of ruin. Devinder Sharma highlights the findings of a recent NSSO report to substantiate that.
Food Security Devinder Sharma Ground Reality

Is lower inflation here to stay?
Most measures of inflation over the last couple of months point to an encouraging downward movement in price indices; Shambhu Ghatak deconstructs these measures and quotes observations of the RBI to show why it may still be premature to take low inflation for granted.
Trade Economy Government

Workers leave agriculture, but where are they headed?
The declining participation of labour force in agriculture could have been treated as a natural, inevitable phase in the country’s transition towards industrialisation, but for the employment trends visible in the industrial sector. Kannan Kasturi’s analysis captures the real cause for worry.
Livelihood Economy

Food security, courtesy Odisha's tribal women
In 25 villages across Rayagada district of Odisha, tribal village women have reclaimed the denuded commons and achieved a remarkable turnaround in food security and livelihoods through eco-friendly alternatives to shifting cultivation. Abhijit Mohanty highlights a few successes of the project.
Food Security Organic Environment

Good food from dry land
Across 20 villages of Bankura and Birbhum districts in West Bengal, 800 families are learning to farm dry land anew in a sustainable manner, resulting in increased income, better health and nutritional outcomes, and food security. Ajitha Menon reports from Bankura.
Food Security Organic Women's Health

There are more things in heaven and earth than stock markets!
The media frenzy over Narendra Modi’s first 100 days in office is complemented by the cheer in markets, but Devinder Sharma sounds a caveat against judging the performance of the government by the standards of markets alone.
Government opinions Economy Devinder Sharma OP-ED Ground Reality

All set to lose out on the gains?
News reports and statements from various quarters apparently point towards possible dilution of the new land acquisition law passed in 2013, resulting in less safeguards for affected owners and communities. Kanchi Kohli summarises the key debates around the likely changes.
Livelihood Government Land Laws

How about smart villages, Mr Modi?
For over two decades now, agriculture has suffered overall neglect as successive governments, led by World-Bank prescribed growth models, have issued disproportionate doles to industry. While the present allocations do not spell much hope, Devinder Sharma suggests what the Modi government may still do to reverse the trend.
Economy Devinder Sharma Agriculture Policy Ground Reality

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