Registration of informal land sales

Telangana’s free registration of plain paper land sale initiative to digitally clean up its land records not only benefits its dispossessed farmers but makes land governance transparent, reports Manipadma Jena.

Land Telangana

What's working, what's not
The uneven performance of MGNREGA in the task of rural asset generation requires a careful comparison of the decision making processes involved in those cases where the works undertaken have produced value and where it has failed to, writes Pavan Kulkarni.
Labour Issues Public Funds

Withering public consultations
Per Biological Diversity Act, 2002 before using any Indian biological material for commercial or R&D purposes, public consultation is needed via the local Biodiversity Management Committees (BMCs), which the National Biodiversity Authority wants to do away with. Kanchi Kohli and Shalini Bhutani ask why.
Bio Diversity Environment

Extraction exceeds recharge
Last month, the Bombay High Court passed an order to shift IPL matches scheduled for the month of May out of the state of Maharashtra citing an acute water shortage in some parts of the state for its decision. PRS Legislative Research, answers some basic questions about ground water and its depletion in our country.

Rays of hope for the ‘local’ in Meghalaya
Even as many pockets of the state, including its capital, battle the ravages of development and consumerism, a couple of villages visited by the author stand as examples of resilient local economies and lifestyles. Aditya Vikram Rametra describes what he saw here.
Bio Diversity Adivasis

How sustainable are the SDGs?
Can we look at ending poverty without looking at the structural reasons and dimensions of poverty and inequality? Pradeep Baisakh looks at this and at other objectives within the UN SDG framework and analyses how realistic their achievement would be.
Environment Government Poverty

Wadi: A model for sustainable tribal livelihood
Amongst the various models for sustainable livelihoods being tried and tested in the tribal areas of India, the Wadi model has shown a lot of promise. Abhijeet Mohanty, Kieran Robson and Rosie Clarkson, find out why and how the Wadi model is doing in the tribal areas of Koraput district of Odisha.
Food Security Adivasis

‘Sarso mein IP ka tadka’ leaves local farmers in the dock
As debates around genetically modified (GM) mustard pick up in India, Shalini Bhutani takes a look at the neglected diversity of the oilseed mustard crop on native farmers’ fields and points to the bias of the existing law.
GM Crops Government opinions

Reversing fate through love for land, forests and water
Abhijit Mohanty brings us the story of certain tribal villages in Koraput district of southern Odisha that have successfully overcome the challenges posed by denudation and inadequate irrigation and have etched out a path towards food security and well-being.
Forests Adivasis Odisha

Kerala pioneer eyes new horizons for jackfruit industry
A new food processing company in Kerala proposes to market innovative products, the success of which could well place the largely neglected jackfruit in the focus of attention of bigger players in the state’s food processing industry. Shree Padre reports.
Economy KERALA

The real challenges to sustainable development
With the expiry of the MDGs which guided global development till 2015, the international community is now negotiating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the period 2016-2030. Prahlad Shekhawat summarises the ensuing debates and explores a way forward.
Economy Environment Government Poverty

Making power supply data a tool for progress
Pune-based NGO Prayas Energy’s ESMI programme provides easily comprehensible data on the extent and quality of power supply in regions across the country, which can be used to demand accountability as well as enable social research. Manasi Mathkar reports.
Energy Environment Government

Skills-building an imperative for rural India too and here’s why!
A recent report from the Ministry of Labour and Employment reveals that skill-intensive occupations such as plumbing, carpentry and electrical work pay more in rural India. Shambhu Ghatak looks at the data closely to argue for greater efforts towards imparting skills, especially to rural women.
Labour Issues Livelihood Economy Work+Life

Registration of informal land sales
Why relief packages and loan waivers won’t be enough to stem farm suicides
Pursuing development: The perils of the beaten track
Rest in peace, food self-sufficiency
Is lower inflation here to stay?
Workers leave agriculture, but where are they headed?
There are more things in heaven and earth than stock markets!
All set to lose out on the gains?
A silent revolution brewing on our farms
Can farmers look ahead to “acche din” as well?
Ash everywhere; in your food and water, too?
NaMo-RaGa brand war drowns out Assam’s cries
Big hopes from small tea
What could make our farmers more prosperous?
A new fast-yielding jackfruit
Farmers take the long-term view, with long stalk rice
The wonder climber for areca nut trees
Humble jackfruit eyes haute cuisine status
Vegetables in the backyard
Living off jackfruit
Caveat from farm debt waiver scheme
Drought in Maharashtra: The real story
Government ignores adverse TEC report
Cauvery: Preferring politics to solutions
Why not fruits and vegetables?
New designs on foreign lands
Small farms, big worries
Adding millets to the basket
Some states fight the trend, but still ...
Popularising SRI
Lacunae and contradictions
Scars of the Green Revolution
A failed harvest
In north Karnataka, dried banana bits are a hit
Vidarbha farmers get market-savvy with hi-tech solution
How an ex-lecturer turned around the land
Winning the battle against hunger, silently
Yet another pro-farmer budget!
Organic veggies in my Inbox
Farm suicides: A 12-year saga
Nearly 2 lakh farm suicides since 1997
Watching prices rise, helplessly
Where is the science?
Farmers sour on sugar cane
ASEAN FTA - a hasty, unbalanced deal
Too risky to tolerate
Nagas revere this bureaucrat from the mainland
Kokkarni, saviour of paddy
The dull days of White Gold
"Only the idiots are committing suicide"
Good food, Indian-style
New language, old crisis
A stimulus package for farmers?
Over 16,600 farmer suicides in 2007
Vidarbha meltdown: bumper crop losses
He did not wait for the government’s new sop
Patterns from the past
Edible oil policy on the boil
Jhum cultivation under conflict in the Northeast
From market yard to police yard
Too much fruit, too little bounty
From prosperity to a struggle for dignity
Of loan waivers and tax waivers
One-man-army greens barren land
'We cultivate pearls, but our children go hungry'
Between a rock and a hard place
Farm policy fails to address key issues
Oh! What a lovely waiver
SRI: Small state, big results
Soya cultivation rising in crisis-hit Vidarbha
SC to look into deregulation of GM food imports
Genetically engineered spin
Natural farmers of Punjab
Our food, our farmers
When the one who dies is a woman
Life on credit, death in installments
Empty fields stare at farm widows
GEAC's poor record of regulation
Fresh water scarcity demands fresh ideas
From APMCs to electronic markets
ASEAN trade agreement will hurt Kerala farmers
"I need my land, not money."
Bt-ing the farmers!
Burning down standing surgarcane crops
Wheat imports: Subverting procurement
Sugar co-ops face a downturn
Fungus threat to Indian wheat advancing
Cooking numbers as agri-volcano builds up
Burdman's farmers are faring better
Is Bt-based resistance collapsing?
The tale of three widows
New terms of harvest
A green foundation for prosperity
Replying with bullets
Timbaktu Organic is scaling up
Jhum cultivation under sharper scrutiny
He grew a forest only to harvest water
Engineering crops, distorting trade
When death comes faster than the package
Nothing unscientific about it
Bt: Flaky results, pre-determined consensus
Persisting on two left feet
Bt cotton farmers are alert this year
Corporate agriculture: transplanting failure
Biotech Policy: secretive and hasty
Vehicle loan currents in turbulent Vidarbha
The flavour of greed
Poison reaches them, government does not
Suicide in a distant land
350, and counting
End of a wedding-dream
Loan after loan
Another farmer ends life, villagers distraught
Make trade fair, say sugarcane farmers
Vidarbha distress and the end of innocence
Food sovereignty, not just security
Farmers persist with organic, see results
UN MDGs, hunger, and biodiversity
Drought-proofed by traditional wisdom
This Seeds Bill must go
Poison in their veins
Cheques and balances, farmers have none
Was the Bhakra dam worth it?
Centre's no to Bt cotton in AP
An organic cup of tea, please
Organic farming takes hold in Rajasthan
Poll freebies not relieving Vidarbha farmers
Cotton marketing fails Vidarbha farmers
Vidarbha 2004: a suicides diary
Rajasthan's water sharing woes escalate
Case for a moratorium on GM crops
Less seed, more harvest
Biotech policy : task force report
A revolution long turned brown
Against the grain
Unapproved seeds on the market
Standing apart on common ground
Transitioning to organic
Once again, fooling the world
A ray of hope in Nasik
Organic: an easier choice
GM crops and foods: SC notice on PIL
Organic : to combat pesticide residues
Diverting a river, west to east
Rice is now Oryza syngenta
The slow poisoning of Punjab
35 acres, organic and profitable
This journalism is about growing
GM, agriculture, and food security
Organic : Market-driven and sustainable?
Rooted in paddy
Charity in the name of science
Flogging a dead horse
No children on the farm
The great trade robbery
WTO: End of the road?
Electronic land
Agenda for the South : Cancun
Potato farming and innovation
Abandoning agriculture
Eliminating hunger or the hungry?
From Pomato to Protato
Challenging broad spectrum patents
Protecting farmers, freeing the breeders
Childhood, cropped
Pests, Pesticides and Modern Science
SC rules on preventing starvation deaths
The road to starvation
Legislate, then contradict
No ordinary farm
Invoice enclosed - please pay immediately
Making agriculture attractive
A scientific fairytale
Suppressing criticism
Zero tolerance for farm subsidies
Of cows and men, and grazing lands
Seeding hopes for food security
Feeding the farmers
The GM potato hoax

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