16 JANUARY 2019
Women : Gender Violence
A common, invisibilized malady

October is domestic violence awareness month. Pushpa Achanta shares stories of victims of domestic violence to point out why the dilution of IPC Section 498A by the Supreme Court is a blow to the fight against domestic violence.

Gender Law and Policy Women

Lucknow’s new landmark Sheroes upholds the indomitable spirit of humanity
Manjari Singh reports on the opening of the Lucknow branch of Sheroes Hangout, a café run and managed by acid attack survivors under the guidance of the humanitarian organisation “Stop Acid Attacks”.

Society Women
For rape survivors and families, the nightmare continues
Radha. Zahira. Neha. Names and tales that serve to remind us that despite the reams written, laws passed and discourses held on sexual violence in the country, the road to justice for rape survivors remains as arduous as ever. Manjari Singh reports.

U.P. Women
Manipuri mothers want an end to the killings
The International Day of Peace, celebrated on September 21 every year, has little meaning for people living in conflict areas. Like the Manipuri women, who feel that decades-old violence in Manipur has not only increased but taken many different forms. Anjulika Thingnam speaks to some of the feisty women of Meira Paibi (women vigilante) groups of Manipur to find out more.

Law and Order Peace MANIPUR
Should films have statutory warnings on violence against women?
A 90-second video put together by a group of women activists demands a pop-up statutory warning on screen every time a woman is assaulted or abused. Shoma Chatterji critiques the video, raising several questions over its content as well as the stance that it takes.

Films Gender and Media Media Women
What to expect when you watch the most talked-about film today
Though based on strong reporting, India’s Daughter remains restricted in its scope, and even strays from its purported objective, thanks to a very pronounced colonial supremacist gaze, writes Shoma Chatterji in a dispassionate review that cuts through the noise.

Reviews Films Women
Give us the strength!
Tara Krishnaswamy takes a brutally honest and incisive look at Indian society to argue why far from being banned, India’s Daughter – the BBC documentary on the infamous 2012 rape and murder in a Delhi bus – should actually be made compulsory viewing for the Indian audience.

OP-ED Society Human Rights Women
Visualising the many layers of a brutal world for women
Does inequality engender crime? S Venkatraman presents a graphical exposition of data from a recent WEF report and the NCRB to unravel the many layers of inequality and violence against women in India.

Law and Order Women
Voices from a wounded land
In October 1949, Manipur merged officially with the Republic of India, but for decades now this beautiful land has been wracked by a violent insurgency and torn by the excesses of a draconian army. Anjali Nayar visits the state, bringing back poignant tales and the feeling of what it is like to live with fear.

MANIPUR Human Rights
A trend highlighted in the Jadavpur University moment
An alleged incident of molestation within campus premises at one of Calcutta’s most prestigious universities and the events following it have led to one of the largest student mobilisations that the state has witnessed in recent times. But does the entire episode also signify a continuation of a disturbing trend? Shoma A Chatterji reports.

Justice Society Human Rights
In search of the missing link
Indifference, impatience, aggression and denial have been among the common responses to rape as a multi-layered problem. In the concluding part of her article, Ammu Joseph draws attention to all that fosters a culture of violence against women in our society and why it is unamenable to hasty remedies.

Ammu Joseph Justice Society Women Voices unheard
Are we just blind persons feeling an elephant?
Every case of sexual violence that becomes a cause celebre gives rise to earnest calls for action which often yield some results. But limited, quick-fix solutions that do not address the underlying causes of this deep-rooted problem have clearly not worked, writes Ammu Joseph in the first of a two-part article examining the many layers of the issue.

Ammu Joseph Justice Gender Laws and Policy Society Women Voices unheard
A law to help women, but who is enforcing it?
Passed in 2005, the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act could have been an effective tool to ensure redress for victims of domestic abuse. But an understaffed implementation body has made it yet another selective and often toothless piece of legislation, finds Puja Awasthi.

Gender Laws and Policy Women
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