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‘Lighting up’ the lives of the poor

A renewable energy project covering three of Odisha’s most backward villages has gone beyond the immediate promise of providing electricity, bringing about perceptible and deeper changes in the quality of lives of the local people. Abhijit Mohanty reports on the project.

Government Poverty ORISSA

A continuous struggle between ‘power’ and the people
In yet another contested environmental approval decision, a 300-MW power plant in Gujarat has been granted changes in technology, relaxing certain original conditions, without any public consultation. Kanchi Kohli reports on the grievances of the local people.
Water Environment Environmental Law and Regulation

Hydropower in the land of Gross National Happiness
The immense untapped potential of hydropower generation in Bhutan has led to several major projects in the offing, with varying degrees of Indian involvement. However, Shripad Dharmadhikary finds a steady rise in voices questioning their impact on the Himalayan environment.
Trade Water Environment

When kitchen smoke can kill
It has been widely established that the health impact of indoor air pollution, caused often by solid fuels for household cooking, far outweighs the hazards of outdoor pollution. Arpana HS quotes data from the Census and findings from a recent paper to show why India needs to tackle this on priority.
Environmental Hazards Women's Health Health

A season of change
It has not been easy to keep track of the frequent announcements of modifications in environmental law and regulation, both major and minor, since the new government assumed power at the Centre. Kanchi Kohli presents a round-up of these proposed and implemented amendments.
Forests Environment Government Environmental Law and Regulation

It ain’t so difficult to green your home!
The energy efficiency and environmental benefits accruing from green buildings and living spaces are widely known, but it is often inertia and misinformation that prevents the adoption of these alternatives. Chandrashekar Hariharan discusses a few easy steps that could foster greener urban infrastructure.
Consumers Urban Environment

Will selective plans for the Ganga work?
Rejuvenation of the Ganga has purportedly grabbed a big share of the new government’s focus, but would plans ignoring the upper Ganga basin really be effective? Shripad Dharmadhikary discusses the findings of an expert body that could be crucial to the agenda.
Bio Diversity Climate Wild Life Environment

Sikkim’s 2400-crore hydro-power scam that no one’s talking of!
The Sikkim government’s irregular allocation of hydropower projects to a New Delhi-based power producer and the eventual turn of events have cost the state more than Rs 2400 crore, according to a CAG report. Soumik Dutta reports on the details of the case and other related discrepancies that have surfaced since.
Law and Order States

Breaking the myth behind Coastal Thermal Power Plants
It is often believed that coal-based power plants near the coast, by virtue of their proximity to the sea, do not create any pressure on water resources. Shripad Dharmadhikary’s visit to Krishnapattanam in Andhra Pradesh and parts of Tamil Nadu exposes the fallacy in that.
Water Environment ANDHRA

Decoding the red alert on green NGOs
The accusations of the Intelligence Bureau against foreign environmental NGOs appear hollow and misguided when one looks at the direction and substance of their work in India so far. Darryl D’Monte urges the government to restrict itself to scrutiny of forex norms followed, without stifling the expression of dissent by these NGOs.
Environment Opinions Displacement

Oxford study validates Indian environmentalist claims
The findings of a recent study by scholars at the University of Oxford point to the adverse outcomes and poor economic returns associated with large dam projects. Amruta Pradhan summarises the findings and shows how they have been consistently borne out by empirical observations in Maharashtra.
Public Funds Economy

Ash everywhere; in your food and water, too?
Fly ash, the residue from coal used in thermal power plants, is not only a headache for plant operators; its use in agriculture and other sectors violates environmental sanctity and poses a serious risk to human health. Shripad Dharmadhikary studies a new CEA report to bring us more.
Agriculture Environment

Ministries turn a blind eye to impact of small hydel projects
Both the Ministry of Renewable Energy and the Ministry of Environment and Forests appear loath to pay attention to the potential environmental impact of small hydel power projects in the country. Parineeta Dandekar underlines the shortcomings in the official stance towards such projects.
Environment Environmental Law and Regulation

Private investment not a panacea for all ills
Can rural India get the 'power' to choose?
Solar scam heat scorches Kerala
The weapons of destruction we ignore
Kudamkulam: Ready to produce power?
Natural gas, unnatural realities
Shallow understanding of deep risks
New designs on foreign lands
Tunnels in the hills
Who profits? Who pays?
Oil subsidy is all gas
The people's energy
Radiation looms over power plans
My fossil fuels, your land
Singrauli singed by coal and power
Here a plant, there a plant
The nuclear black swan
Nuking dissent over Jaitapur
Mine-ing the Brahmaputra waters
'We don't sell our mother'
Greening the smaller towns
Electricity for All
Energy efficiency is inevitable
Grid-free, on the horizon
Nuclear Liability Bill: Who bears the brunt?
The bills we pay, and the ones we don't
Going upstream on the Energy Road
Solar Mission: More light needed
Building green and thinking green
Criticism rising on Karnataka's Gundia project
Our atom state
Need to strengthen climate diplomacy
The 'power' to protect rivers
Gas clouds over the government
The wrecking sand dunes of upper Assam
Know-how at whose cost?
Public risk, private profit
Doors open for familiar nuclear worries
Edible oil policy on the boil
CDM and hydro-power
India's coal-to-liquid push short-sighted
Karnataka defers decision on Chamalapura power
France eyes India through environment lens
Power to the rich, literally
A club for change
Old conflict resurfaces at Athirappilly falls
Massive dam plans for Arunachal
What happened to non-nuclear options?
Diesel threat in cities continues to rise
Pricing carbon correctly
Storm continues over Silent Valley
The ebb and flow of environmentalism
What ails nuclear safety?
Nuclear safety: A poor record
India's black agenda in a climate change era
Citizens input on power tariffs
Green, yes, but risky too
Unreasoned push for large storage projects
Compact biogas plant making waves
Hydro-power guidelines flawed
Crops for cars?
Build first, sell next, approvals later
Power-play, for the people
Think outside the barrel
Some concrete solutions
On, off, viable, scrapped, ...
An election-year scarcity
Seeds of hope
Silent Valley: threatened again
Himachal power project under scrutiny
Private, but still stolen
Lights on!
Saviour of the hassled commuter

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