22 JANUARY 2019
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Is Amravati really a 'capital' choice?

The Draft Capital Master Plan of Andhra Pradesh, which proposes development of the new capital for the state of Andhra, is of a deep concern. Debadityo Sinha analyses the plan to show what it lacks and why the plan doesn't augur well for the state.

Urban States

Breaking the myth behind Coastal Thermal Power Plants
It is often believed that coal-based power plants near the coast, by virtue of their proximity to the sea, do not create any pressure on water resources. Shripad Dharmadhikary’s visit to Krishnapattanam in Andhra Pradesh and parts of Tamil Nadu exposes the fallacy in that.

Energy Water Environment
Two states with healthcare for one
Already struggling with low budgetary allocation for healthcare and shortage of trained staff, health services in Telangana and residual Andhra Pradesh have taken a more serious hit due to issues arising out of bifurcation. Tejaswini Pagadala reports.

Public Health Government Health Telangana
Killing the dead all over again
The recent verdict of the Andhra High Court acquitting all the accused in the horrific killing of eight Dalits in 1991 may be based on legal technicalities, but is an instance of justice denied, argues Venugopalrao Nellutla.

Justice Caste Human Rights
Of Hyderabad’s ‘Sansad Ratna’ and his peers
Did you know that Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi has been among the topmost performers in the Lok Sabha and has been honoured with the Sansad Ratna 2014 award? Arpana H S compiles a quick snapshot of MPs from Hyderabad and adjoining urban constituencies.

Elections Government
Tainted firm escapes scrutiny, but why?
With the World Bank 'banning' construction major Progressive Constructions Ltd on graft charges, R Uma Maheshwari urges a review of the contracts awarded to it in connection with the critical Polavaram Dam project.

Public Funds Opinions
Seeking new homes in Hyderabad
Close to 2000 Rohingya Muslims displaced by the bloody riots in Myanmar's Rakhine province have settled in Hyderabad over the last three years, hoping to rebuild their lives. How do they live and how is the city dealing with the phenomenon, given India's inchoate refugee laws? Tejaswini Pagadala tries to find out.

Government Displacement Human Rights
Crying for care
Drawing upon the growing incidence of child abandonment in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, Tejaswini Pagadala looks at the phenomenon through a broader lens and explores possible ways, including adoption, to mitigate the evil.

Children Society
Orphans of our society
Ignored by the government, shunned by society and caught in a time-warp of their own, the nomadic castes and tribes of India are almost "non citizens" of the land. R. Akhileshwari describes the abysmal plight of such people from Andhra Pradesh and highlights the injustice and neglect that they are subject to.

Caste Society Telangana
The key to the handloom crisis
The principal contribution of the Malkha initiative is in its idea of rooting cotton handloom production in the rural economy, much against the trend in urban discourses. Neeta Deshpande reports.

Livelihood Economy
Where woodcraft is a way of life
Art blends with life through the tradition of woodcraft in Etikoppaka, but the need to sustain livelihoods is ever-present. Neeta Deshpande reports.

Livelihood Economy
Lights, camera, destruction!
A filming crew's damage to the Kambalakonda wildlife sanctuary is brought before the courts. But how did it get this far in the first place? Kanchi Kohli reports.

Environment Wildlife Environmental Law and Regulation
Bullet holes in the regulations
The government ignored many chances to protect people's lvelihoods in an ecologically sensitive area. But a hail of police firing on protestors forces a rethink. Kanchi Kohli reports.

Environment Environmental Law and Regulation
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