19 April 2014
Homecoming election for Harvard professor, courtesy Mamata

Historian and author Sugato Bose is taking a break from his position at Harvard University to contest the Lok Sabha elections from a key urban constituency in West Bengal as a candidate of the ruling Trinamool Congress. He speaks to Amrita Mukherjee on his plans for parliament if elected.

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A scheme for a better parliament

Though the quality and calibre of our representatives in Parliament, and consequently its functioning, has often come under a cloud, options for induction of apolitical talent in Parliament are limited. P V Rajeev envisions a scheme that could make it possible.

Government opinions OP-ED People Society

On the right track, but miles to go

In March this year, Gil Penalosa of the Toronto-based NGO 8-80 Cities spoke in Mumbai and Bangalore of his global vision for liveable cities. Concluding his coverage of Penalosa’s talk, Darryl D’Monte explains why, despite a few isolated efforts, India requires a giant leap in initiative and attitudes to realise that vision.

Transport Urban Economy

Why I will not fall for the ‘Vote for PM’ trick

As India votes in the midst of a rising campaign crescendo that pits one individual against the other, Subramaniam Vincent urges the electorate to prioritise a 'better parliament.'

Elections Subramaniam Vincent OP-ED

What they say about the things that really matter

Responsible governance, economic security for the maximum numbers and ecological sustainability are the three key challenges facing the country today. Ashish Kothari deconstructs the Congress, BJP and AAP manifestos to see what these parties promise on these fronts.

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Women MPs: At par, but rare still

Mainstream political parties do not give sufficient opportunity to women so that their representation has remained poor. Voters, however, view them as equal performers, as a recent survey has shown. Prabhu Mallikarjunan presents some interesting findings on the issue.

Elections Government Women's Representation

How parties are wooing the young voter

The huge number of voters among the youth could well emerge to be the real game-changers in the parliamentary elections of 2014. Tanvi Bhatikar looks at the manifestos of the three main parties to see what they have to lure young voters.

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Ash everywhere; in your food and water, too?

Fly ash, the residue from coal used in thermal power plants, is not only a headache for plant operators; its use in agriculture and other sectors violates environmental sanctity and poses a serious risk to human health. Shripad Dharmadhikary studies a new CEA report to bring us more.

Agriculture Energy Environment

Getting ‘practical’ on No-First-Use

PM Manmohan Singh’s plans to minimise nuclear risks, as articulated at a recent conference, revolves around formulation of a ‘global no-first-use’ norm. Firdaus Ahmed points to why a practical solution is less about global norms and rests more likely on issues closer home.

Nat. Security Firdaus Ahmed OP-ED

Who will spare a thought for the environment?

With the manifestos of all major national parties finally released, Himanshu Thakkar presents a comparative reading with a lens on environment and natural resource management.

Elections Environment Environmental Law and Regulation Adivasis

Leading from the capital

As Delhi prepares to choose its leaders for the 16th Lok Sabha, Navya P K presents a look at the leaders who represented the key urban constituencies in the last session of Parliament.

Elections Government DELHI

Will the Western Ghats decide Kerala’s mandate?

The controversy over the Gadgil and Kasturirangan reports on ecological preservation in the Western Ghats has brought about a churn in politics in Kerala. P N Venugopal wonders if this will determine the decisions of the electorate in the Lok Sabha elections.

Environmental Hazards Mining Elections Government KERALA

Why Bihar’s child is different from Himachal’s

The Integrated Child Development Services scheme was launched to address the nutrition, health and learning needs of all children below six years of age. Ankita Aggarwal shares findings from a survey that point to the huge variations in implementation and effectiveness. 

Child health Children Education Government

Could Modi be a development disaster?

If the cost of ecological damage and social deprivation are accounted for, Narendra Modi will only be half as tall as he is made out to be, says Ashish Kothari, issuing a grave warning.

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Rampant diversion, tardy reforestation in Himachal

A recent report by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India reveals blatant procedural and legal non-compliance in respect of compensatory afforestation work in Himachal Pradesh. Himanshu Upadhyaya summarises the findings.

Forests Government Environmental Law and Regulation HIMACHAL

Planning for a climate-resilient city

Indian cities have been identified as among the most vulnerable to climate change impacts. Shrimoyee Bhattacharya and Sujaya Rathi explore how the envisioned plan for Bangalore can build in increased resilience to climatic variations and impact.

Urban Cities Environment

Digging deeper into the law

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013 aims to create safer workplaces for women in particular. However, as Anagha Sarpotdar points out, without deeper discussion and interpretation of its provisions, prevention of abuse at workplaces may remain a pipe dream.

Gender Laws and Policy Work+Life Women

“What about our dreams of a free Tibet?”

The Election Commission of India has ordered states to include children of Tibetan refugees born in India between 1950 and 1987 in the electoral rolls. Ramesh Menon finds that even as they acknowledge India’s gesture, the right to vote leaves them with mixed emotions.

Elections People Society

Thank you, Khushwant-ji

As readers and admirers celebrate the many memories left behind by the grand old man of Indian journalism and writing, Shoma Chatterji pays a touching, personal tribute to the inimitable Khushwant Singh.

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"Compelling citizens to take an Aadhaar card is unconstitutional"
For distraught Phailin survivors, life is little consolation
Lone crusader warns school-goers against substance abuse
A new fast-yielding jackfruit
Char dwellers turn to sugarcane, but will it be enough?
Nothing to audit
Farmers take the long-term view, with long stalk rice
Is CCI a bypass lane for the laws?
Cutting sugar: The bitter reality
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Why the death penalty stands for nothing
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