28 November 2014
Sterilisation deaths: What’s new, after all?

The death of 14 women in Chhattisgarh following botched sterilisation procedures has rightfully led to furore across the country. But a detailed, historical analysis of family planning as it has evolved, by Shoma A Chatterji, exposes an inherent and sustained gender bias in policy as well as practice.

Health Laws and Governance Women's Health Society Women

Why Raghuram Rajan has lost patience with defaulting promoters

“We need a change in mind set, where the wilful or non-cooperative defaulter is not lionized as a captain of industry, but justly chastised as a freeloader on the hardworking people of this country,” said the RBI governor in his recent lecture at IRMA, Anand. An unedited transcript of his speech

Public Funds Economy Laws

A time to take up the reins

The official Indian response to the recent US-China climate deal is characterised by its historical stance on differentiated responsibility and over-reliance on coal energy. Sunita Dubey calls for an urgent re-assessment of its position and stresses the need for stronger commitment.

Climate Environment Government Opinions

Why the Chhattisgarh sterilisation tragedy may happen again

With a recent drug sample report confirming the presence of rat poison in medicines administered to Chhattisgarh’s hapless tubectomy victims, it is yet another wake-up call for India to address the threats posed by its $4.25-billion fake drugs market. Tanvi Bhatikar bares some stark facts.

Law and Order Health Laws and Governance Health

Are there smarter ways to run our cities?

The ruling government has allocated 7,060 crores of rupees for development of smart cities, but do our realities allow for westernised ICT-driven smart cities? Darryl D’Monte dwells on what would really make our cities smart, based on deliberations at the second Urban Age conference.

Waste Cities Economy Government Urban Poor

Where the fight against extremism is far from over

The Karnataka government’s attempts to reintegrate Naxals into the mainstream through the provision of a surrender and rehabilitation package have met with limited success. Akshatha M reports on the ground realities.

Law and Order Government KARNATAKA Human Rights

Is lower inflation here to stay?

Most measures of inflation over the last couple of months point to an encouraging downward movement in price indices; Shambhu Ghatak deconstructs these measures and quotes observations of the RBI to show why it may still be premature to take low inflation for granted.

Agriculture Trade Economy Government

Crying out for clarity

The e-commerce space in India has been growing in leaps and bounds but inchoate rules and dated laws have created ‘grey areas’ that need to be cleared at the earliest. Akshatha M outlines the key issues in the debate.

Trade Economy Government Laws

What’s in a name, really?

From Bangalore to Bengaluru, or from Bombay to Mumbai, do name changes signify attempts to shake off colonial shackles, instances of linguistic one-upmanship or merely political agenda? Supriya Unni Nair delves deeper into the practice and finds an interesting history.

Cities Government History

Is the army court’s verdict on the Machhil killings enough?

The recent award of life sentences to the army personnel involved in the 2010 Macchil killings in J&K sends out a positive message, but there are deeper layers in the justice system that need introspection and overhaul in the pursuit of reconciliation. Firdaus Ahmed explains.

Firdaus Ahmed OP-ED Justice

The many battles that Kashmiri female cops fight

A female police inspector from J&K, deployed in a peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan, has recently won a prestigious international award. Yet, her story holds little meaning for fellow women officers back home who fight social stigma, poor pay and gender bias at work every day. Shazia Yousuf reports.

Law and Order J & K Women

Workers leave agriculture, but where are they headed?

The declining participation of labour force in agriculture could have been treated as a natural, inevitable phase in India's transition towards industrialisation, but for the employment trends visible in the industrial sector. Kannan Kasturi’s analysis captures the real cause for worry.

Agriculture Livelihood Economy

Hydropower in the land of Gross National Happiness

The immense untapped potential of hydropower generation in Bhutan has led to several major projects in the offing, with varying degrees of Indian involvement. However, Shripad Dharmadhikary finds a steady rise in voices questioning their impact on the Himalayan environment.

Energy Trade Water Environment

Who will lead the anti-corruption agenda in the health sector?

The conduct of election of members to the Medical Council of India in 2013 and its subsequent actions over the past year have underlined the brazen corruption in the regulatory body. Developments in the health ministry raise doubts over whether these issues will be tackled at all.  A round up

Law and Order Health Laws and Governance Education Government Laws

Kerala: A murky ‘state’ of affairs

From misguided attempts at prohibition and moral policing to scams in higher education and declining development, things in Kerala have been taking a rather sordid turn and hitting headlines for all the wrong reasons. P N Venugopal recapitulates some of the most recent developments.

Economy Government KERALA Society States

A lot needs to be done to realise Modi’s dreams for Khadi

In October 2014, a draft consultation paper from the Planning Commission detailed the many issues faced by India’s handloom sector and the failure of earlier schemes to solve the problems faced by weavers. Elizabeth Soumya summarises key points from the report.

Livelihood Economy Government

Would you dare to ‘make in India’?

Prime Minister Modi’s clarion call to manufacture in India signifies a lofty vision, but can that be realised without some critical reforms that would make manufacturing sustainable and rational? Amar Kumar raises pertinent questions.

Economy Opinions

Can a court order end passive violence?

The recent SC order directing the Centre to protect people, who come forward to help accident victims, from legal and other hassles, is a significant step towards reducing road accident fatalities. Shoma A Chatterji examines the broader social psyche and issues to be addressed to make the world more humane.

Laws Society Human Rights

When kitchen smoke can kill

It has been widely established that the health impact of indoor air pollution, caused often by solid fuels for household cooking, far outweighs the hazards of outdoor pollution. Arpana HS quotes data from the Census and findings from a recent paper to show why India needs to tackle this on priority.

Energy Environmental Hazards Women's Health Health

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