23 July 2018
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Will biting the Bullet Train leave us with no teeth?

Darryl D'Monte analyses why the proposed Bullet Train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad is not the need of the hour, nor worth the cost.

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A misplaced emphasis on highways? Why does the government continue with its blind focus on highways and expressways when infrastructure for water supply, waste management and mass transit system is in desperate need of attention? Kannan Kasturi criticises the government's prioritization and says there is more to public infrastructure than just highways and expressways.
Old or new, cars must make way for buses The ban on old diesel vehicles in Delhi and the NCR is just a first step towards addressing the grave levels of air toxicity in the region, but a well-designed BRTS could go a long way in achieving the real end. Darryl D’Monte compiles notes from a recent conference.
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Why Fadnavis mustn't be soft on motorists Sachin Tendulkar’s letter to the Maharashtra CM Fadnavis, urging him to reduce toll posts in the state, may just encourage the state further to execute its plan of exempting private cars and SUVs from such charges. Darryl D’Monte argues why that is entirely unjustifiable.
Who will benefit from the ‘Manhattanisation’ of Mumbai? The Mumbai municipal authorities have delivered a draft 20-year development plan for the city, but implementation of many of the proposals therein could well deliver the final blow to a city already gasping for breath, says Darryl D’Monte.
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Will banning older vehicles clean the air in Delhi? Is modernisation of transport the sole answer to air pollution problems in Delhi? In view of the NGT's proposed ban on older vehicles on the streets of Delhi, Sarath Guttikunda draws attention to several problems that need to be addressed for a healthier environment in the NCR.
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Will passengers have to bear the burden of Mumbai Metro? Even before the first line of the much-anticipated Mumbai Metro becomes functional, a number of issues have cropped up, most notably one over the pricing of tickets. Darryl D’Monte tracks the arguments, with comparisons to metro rail elsewhere.
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On the right track, but miles to go In March this year, Gil Penalosa of the Toronto-based NGO 8-80 Cities spoke in Mumbai and Bangalore of his global vision for liveable cities. Concluding his coverage of Penalosa’s talk, Darryl D’Monte explains why, despite a few isolated efforts, India requires a giant leap in initiative and attitudes to realise that vision.
Urban Economy
Our streets are meant for walking: Gil Penalosa Gil Penalosa is an indefatigable evangelist for public transport, constantly traversing innumerable cities in the developed and developing world. In the first of a two-part report, Darryl D’Monte details his observations at a Mumbai presentation on streets as public space and the need to make them pedestrian-friendly.
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Can Bangalore’s planners solve its commuter woes? The need for integrating land use with mobility has never been fully addressed within the profusion of plans for Bangalore. The revision of the Master Plan for 2031 may provide a good opportunity to develop a comprehensive mobility strategy, says Shrimoyee Bhattacharya and Sujaya Rathi.
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For whom the tolls rile From lumpen political elements to the courts, various parties have, in their own ways, come out against toll plazas along different highways in the country, but Darryl D’Monte makes a strong case for collection of charges from motorists.
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New body should have better pay, more autonomy Poor compensation could be the key reason behind the DGCA’s inability to attract and retain technical personnel, says the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture. PRS Legislative Research summarises the Committee’s report which advocates better pay and more independence for the proposed new authority.
Government Laws
The strange case of ICTT Vallarpadam A PPP project, hailed as a milestone in logistic infrastructure development at the time of launch shows scant growth three years later, costing the Cochin Port trust dearly in the process. P N Venugopal throws light on all that has gone wrong with it.
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