Girls get the power to refuse child marriage

In West Bengal, girls are being empowered to refuse early marriage thanks to a state government initiative that enables them to stay longer in school. The Kanyashree Prakalpa scheme has been remarkably successful in curbing child marriage and promoting girl child education, says Saadia Azim.

Girls' Education WEST BENGAL

The skills journey: A long history but no destination in sight
In the second and concluding part of his exposition on India’s skill development efforts, Shambhu Ghatak traces the journey under the UPA and NDA governments, only to find that while the thrust remains the same, the end is far from sight.
Livelihood Economy

The gap between where we are and where we want to be
The Skill India Mission aims to provide skills training to around 402 million people by the year 2022. In the first of a two-part series, Shambhu Ghatak upholds estimates of skilled workforce from various reports to highlight the yawning gap that needs to be bridged.
Livelihood Economy

Non-compliance and violations of RTE Act in TN schools
The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India’s report on Tamil Nadu (General and Social Sector) for the year ending on March 31, 2014 got tabled in the state assembly last month. Himanshu Upadhyaya analyses the report and asks question on the non-responsiveness of the state government to CAG’s performance review.
Education Law and Policy

When schools and parents clash
Lack of open communication between parents and school authorities is diminishing trust and respect between them. This in turn has caused many unfortunate incidents that could have been avoided, reports Puja Awasthi.
Children U.P.

Where is teaching headed in the Modi regime?
Despite the simplistic articulation of teachers' roles and teaching, including that by PM Modi, and the alignment of education to a broader nationalistic agenda, could there be potential ‘teachable moments’ under the new regime? Shivali Tukdeo and Savitha Suresh Babu explain.
Government Opinions

The false promise of a demographic dividend
Much is made out of the proportion of youth in India’s population and what it could mean for its economy and progress. However, statistics and trends in education and employment within this group do not paint a promising picture, points out Kannan Kasturi.
Livelihood Economy

Why ‘skilling’ India must focus on schooling
The thrust on vocational skills and values among the youth has more often looked at solutions based on extraneous skill-development modules. E S Ramamurthy explains why a more skilled future workforce must entail fundamental reforms in schooling.
Livelihood Curricula Education opinions Children Opinions

Who will lead the anti-corruption agenda in the health sector?
The conduct of election of members to the Medical Council of India in 2013 and its subsequent actions over the past year have underlined the brazen corruption in the regulatory body. Developments in the health ministry raise doubts over whether these issues will be tackled at all. A round up:
Law and Order Health Laws and Governance Government Health Laws

A better life through literacy
The broad-based Community Based Functional Literacy Campaign launched by the State Resource Centre of Rayagada, Orissa aims to educate women and drop-out girls in three of the most backward districts of the state. Abhijit Mohanty summarises the key take-aways so far.
Girls' Education Government Adivasis Odisha

Who will broaden their horizons?
On the eve of Teachers’ Day, PM Narendra Modi called upon teachers across the country to inculcate broader perspectives and greater social responsibility among students. But given the shortage of teachers and crippling social malpractices, how realistic is that vision?
Livelihood Government

Building a library a day
Entrepreneur and social activist Pradeep Lokhande’s project of setting up a library every day across rural schools in Maharashtra is helping many poor students see the light of a new day. Ramesh Menon reports on this unique initiative.
Profiles Children Society

Should Modi now steer India towards Gujarat?
Throughout the campaign of Narendra Modi, the Gujarat development model had been widely credited with the potential to change India’s future. As the new government completes a month in power, Ramesh Menon stresses the need to seriously question if it is really one that should be replicated in every Indian state.
Economy Health GUJARAT States

A dream come true, but can it seed another?
How parties are wooing the young voter
Why Bihar’s child is different from Himachal’s
Helping Pardhi children aim for the sun
Ballia: Chasing elusive dreams
Why India needs an alternative model of development
Shielding campuses from violence
A good school for Maqbool
CAG finds gaps in Arunachal education
Struggling to go beyond the basics
Tamilnadu's striking progress in welfare
Funding at a snail's pace
Universal education, minimal learning
Focus on learning outcomes
The big fight over RTE
Unlearning the untruths
A drama on campus
Still wielding the cane
The knowledge economy and the knowledge society
A serpent in paradise
Manipur schools closure: boycott enters third month
Poor parents pushing children into English schools
Many bridges to cross for children in Krishnagiri
From awareness campaigns to real change
In 2009, bonded and bundled out of school
The chancellors' vice
Alarming malnutrition pushing children out of school - I
Calcutta HC steps in against corporal punishment
Zip through class V, drop out at class X
Kerala revises controversial school textbook
Higher education: The underbelly of privatisation
Children in the crossfire
Pushed over the edge
A creeping insularity
Fighting to learn in their language
Missing chapter in history of universal schooling
Assessment to action: The example of ASER
Unwilling learners pose special problems
Know disaster, no disaster
Pioneering library sparks volunteerism
Children fix their own schools
The Dr Watson problem
Snakes and Ladders arming children against disasters
Jointly-owned job orientation
What price, education?
Tripura focuses on education for tribals
A toolkit for development reports
Their secret status and a risky schooling
Tripura promotes Kok-Borok in tribal schools
For street children, a pot-holed path to learning
Laureates meet: reminder to shackled Indian sciences
Caste discrimination persisting in U.P. schools
In conflict zone, a battle to secure futures
Catalysing rural jobs through targeted training
State of Muslim education in Kerala
Training in local languages key for new jobs
Assam's high schools and colleges - a mixed bag
School choice looms for poor students
People's school for water literacy
Courses and jobs aplenty, but students uncertain
Wanting to study, daring to dream
Bringing disabled kids back to school
Funded, controlled, and run aground
First class, against all odds
Many distractions hurt UP's SSA
Attendance up, but penetration poor
Sex education and survival tools
Hunger persists, attendance record patchy
SSA's acclaim hides many failures
Gujarat's textbooks: Full of biases and errors
The other revolution of 1857
Goa wrestles with language in schools
Segregated and building their own schools
SSA under the Comptroller's lens
Still suffering, five years after
Training the millions left behind
An entitlement with no law
Sitamarhi's lost children
Caste conflict hurting schooling for dalits
School meals make slow progress
New indicators needed to track SSA
All theory and no practice
Pioneering school faces new obstacles
Not by mainstream schools alone
ASER shows measurement matters
Textbooks for change
Government stalling sec. school reforms
"My name is Minu Bora"
Mother tongue or English?
A bridge it is, but to where?
Autonomy comes closer, but debates persist
An instruction set for teachers
The next frontier in education
ASER and beyond
A ciitzens' audit of education
Cry, my beloved school
Right to Education Bill, 2005
Sex education still off the charts
A few chapters short
Discrimination in the name of inclusion
A right full of wrongs
Changing notes of music education
The needs of today, hopes of tomorrow
India's unchecked textbooks racket
Divided by - and in - class
Hopscotch and skipping school
Fading allure of five-star schools
Vital reform agenda for Indian education
Parents' oversight in schools stalled
Majority in the breach
Science education on a slippery path
Her mind, her country
How fire-safe are our schools?
An hour of your time
Illiteracy begins at home
Swelling support for common schools
Equals in education?
Barriers to girls' education
New stimulus for college education
Kerala sets new education course
UGC begins a new innings
Long and arduous road
Is India Shining?
Toying with science
Danger! Date-expired syllabus
The people's astronomer
Groundswell of support for mid-day meal scheme
Should education be compulsory?
Disturbing teacher migration tremors
Stemming campus violence
Environmental education - revised curricula
Rainbow children : dissolving differences
Eyewitness : Neglect of rural schools
Special or segregated?
Route map : Effective environment education
Narikuravar Education Welfare Society
Keeping kids from killing kilns
An hour of your time
Liberalization, literacy, governance
The movement for inclusive education
Our own schools
Rising Stress on Liberal Arts Education
Restored from the ruins
A balwadi in every village
Rural development through education

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