Why you may want to write to TRAI right now

No, net neutrality is not just about IT and activists! If you're still wondering why over two lakh people have already written to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) about that, and whether you should follow suit, Supriya Unni Nair has some details for you.


Ignoring the institutions that can save our coastal regions
Effective District Level Coastal Committees, provided for by the CRZ notification of 2011, could have been the key link in ensuring legal environmental protection for coastal regions and communities. Manju Menon, Kanchi Kohli and Meenakshi Kapoor discuss how these have been continuously disregarded.
Environment Government Environmental Law and Regulation

Commercial real estate set to be brought under new law
While a list of approved amendments to the proposed law on regulation of real estate is yet to be made public, it is now clear that the Bill will apply to commercial projects as well. Here is a round-up of the recent developments, from PRS Legislative Research.

Pay up, or give up your IP!
The Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act 2001, based on the European seed patenting model, is increasingly proving to be more of a burden on small farmers. Shalini Bhutani explains why.
Agriculture Agriculture Policy

When women unite
A meticulous initiative by an NGO in remote tribal districts of Odisha has brought women from the local communities together, enabling them to wrest their rights and entitlements under laws such as the FRA and MGNREGA. Abhijit Mohanty writes on the project.
Forests Land Women

Judicial delays: Understanding the system before fixing it
On 18 March, at a discussion organised by Daksh India, Nick Robinson from the Harvard Law School explored in detail the phenomenon of judicial delays, sharing insights from his work in both India and the US. Pavan Kulkarni summarises the important points raised.
Law and Order Justice

CAG report on Odisha: Will legislators take note please?
As Parliament debates the amended land acquisition and mining laws, Himanshu Upadhyaya draws attention to the report of an audit of Odisha’s resettlement and rehabilitation policy that clearly highlights the threats to displaced communities.
Government Displacement Land

Why the land acquisition law is a threat to several others
The government’s push to the amended land acquisition law overlooks provisions in other acts that address closely related issues such as food security and conservation of biodiversity, writes Shalini Bhutani.
Food Security Bio Diversity Government Land

Does the government really want to protect whistleblowers?
Around 40 RTI activists in the country have been killed in recent years, several of them after the passage of the Whistleblowers Protection Act. Satarupa Sen Bhattacharya explores why the latter law has been unable to achieve its stated objective.
Law and Order Government Right To Info

The role of data in judicial reform
It is commonplace to cite the number of cases pending in Indian courts as evidence of a judicial crisis and suggest reforms based on the same. Aparna Chandra highlights why the numbers themselves need to be questioned and understood better for effective reform.
Opinions Justice

When people are merely roadblocks
A series of recent executive orders, amendments to law and ministerial directives either seek to curtail avenues of public participation and consent over projects of critical impact, or do away with them altogether. Kanchi Kohli tracks the trend.
Government Environmental Law and Regulation

Missing: Intellectual Property Rights with a social lens
The Modi government has moved fast and furious on charting a new policy regarding intellectual property rights; Shalini Bhutani’s recap of recent developments shows that much of it has been with an overt focus on industry, rather than innovation in general.
Trade Government

What the new processes mean for the dispossessed
The recently promulgated ordinance amending the national law related to land acquisition dilutes several clauses of the earlier legislation that were meant to protect the rights of holders. Kanchi Kohli summarises the key changes brought in by the ordinance.
Government Displacement Land

Why you may want to write to TRAI right now
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Criminal justice system "reforms"
Noise and the law
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Curtail autocratic party bosses
Contemptible, but true
Protecting farmers, freeing the breeders
Legislature and Judiciary: The balance
Legislate, then contradict
Mangalore airport : Runaway runway?
Elections : Disclosures now Mandatory
Their lands and our laws
Urban Water: Judicial recipes falling short
To right the wrongs of development

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