The Dhemaji Tragedy

Parthajit Baruah, director of documentary The Dhemaji Tragedy – An Undefined Chapter, the tragedy that happened on the Independence Day in 2004 talks to Shoma Chatterji.

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The brouhaha on censorship
The tremendous rage against Pahlaj Nihalani around the Udta Punjab (2016) issue finally resolved by the High Court gives a reason to revisit some memorable deletions and suggestions made by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) over the years, says Shoma Chatterji.

Telling tales from the Northeast
Shoma Chatterji writes about the challenges faced and efforts being made in the Northeastern states of India to encourage and support film making.
People Films Society

Changing the world with an app
In today’s world, where everything can be done with a tap of a finger, why not something for the greater common good? That thought has led to the development of Equalize, which as its name suggests, aims to empower individuals to reduce social disparities. Rasika Dhavse-Wadodkar has more.

Why do these ghastly stories rarely make news headlines?
Crime and atrocities against Dalits is on rise, while support and justice in these cases are long delayed and the coverage of these crimes is inept, biased or voyeuristic. Pushpa Achanta finds out why media, the fourth pillar of our democracy, is falling short in its duty.
People Justice Adivasis

The sorry plight of a modern-day Yudhisthira
The politically motivated appointment of a hardly-known personality to the post of chairperson at the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India has predictably created outrage amongst students and the artist fraternity. Shoma Chatterji looks at the real arguments behind the ongoing debate.
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Where hidden identities wait for justice
Naam Poribortito, the debut film of activist Mitali Biswas, reveals the dark and gory underbelly of West Bengal in particular, and the nation at large, where rape victims are denied justice and crusaders are silenced more often than not. Shoma Chatterji has more on the film and its portrayals.
Gender and Media Culture

Should films have statutory warnings on violence against women?
A 90-second video put together by a group of women activists demands a pop-up statutory warning on screen every time a woman is assaulted or abused. Shoma Chatterji critiques the video, raising several questions over its content as well as the stance that it takes.
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Keeping your child safe in the age of the Internet
It’s a big, bad world out there on the social network and a recent study finds nearly 73 percent of urban children aged 8 to 13 active on such sites. Supriya Unni Nair tries to understand the role of adult influencers in keeping the children safe online.
Children Laws Society

Predicting rape on television!
Mars missions and scientific innovations notwithstanding, a large section of India still reposes great faith in the future predicted by astrologers. Satellite TV leverages that to offer a plethora of shows, one of which recently defied all limits of decency, as Arpana H S reports.
Gender and Media Society

How to avert the dangers of being an Internet user
A recent UGC-sponsored seminar on the incidence of cyber crime, hosted in Kolkata, drew attention to the safeguards to be adopted as also the right procedure to be followed in order to obtain redress. Amrita Mukherjee reports.
Law and Order Laws Society Women

35? You’re too old for AIR!
In 2013, Prasar Bharati took a decision to stop broadcasts by all contractual radio presenters above the age of 35 on All India Radio’s FM Rainbow channel. Anoo Bhuyan delves into the dynamics behind this surprising move and examines the larger implications of the same.
Livelihood Radio

From one language to another: What’s at stake?
Indian cinema has, of late, witnessed high-decibel debates over the desirability of dubbing Hindi films into regional languages. But does dubbing really pose a threat to vernacular cinema? Shoma Chatterji explores.
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Media Policy: A citizens' wishlist for Ambika Soni
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