15 December 2017
Firdaus Ahmed : Subcontinental Musings
Nov 01 2003
A national confidence syndrome
The PM urges pragmatism in relations with China, but the logic of his exertions may be more persuasively applied to our dealings with Pakistan, says Firdaus Ahmed.
Oct 01 2003
Missing the security target
Increasing firepower is the answer to the wrong question; security doesn't come neatly defined in military terms alone, says Firdaus Ahmed.
Sep 01 2003
Lies in the name of 'security'
Firdaus Ahmed on the continuing need to guard against over-zealous security managers.
Aug 01 2003
Must remain 'unfinished’
Firdaus Ahmed provides insights from the subcontinent's brush with 'war' last year -- Operation Parakram.
Jul 01 2003
Questions in search of answers
The success of Operation Sarp Vinash must be understood from independent scrutiny of the Army's claims, as well as analysis of new military strategy, says Firdaus Ahmed.
Jun 01 2003
PM Peace Initiative : Much Ado?
Only strategic moves arising from paradigm shifts can bring about purposeful movement away from illusions of ‘normalcy’, says Firdaus Ahmed.
May 01 2003
Lessons from Baghdad
Militaristic theories of Gulf War II's implications must not be allowed to sabotage India's national interests, says Firdaus Ahmed .
Apr 01 2003
Kashmir after Nadimarg
Firdaus Ahmed on what India can do to avoid a repeat of Nadimarg.
Mar 01 2003
Limited nuclear war, limitless anxiety
As 'limited war' doctrine evolves to 'limited nuclear war', the strategic necessities as well as their implications for the polity must be repeatedly examined, says Firdaus Ahmed.
Feb 01 2003
A debt we can do without
While the West has abandoned the realism of the past century and has now turned to cooperation in pursuing common goals, South Asia remains trapped in this old paradigm, says Firdaus Ahmed.
Firdaus Ahmed is a freelance writer on security affairs, and writes a monthly column on peace, security, and related issues for India Together.