22 JANUARY 2019
Is Amravati really a 'capital' choice?

The Draft Capital Master Plan of Andhra Pradesh, which proposes development of the new capital for the state of Andhra, is of a deep concern. Debadityo Sinha analyses the plan to show what it lacks and why the plan doesn't augur well for the state.


Idle generators in the midst of power deficit
The Southern region of India is expected to face high energy deficit this year while the Western and Eastern region will have a surplus of energy generation. Kannan Kasturi explains why such regional skew in energy generation and energy consumption exists and what it will take to resolve it.

Kerala: A murky ‘state’ of affairs
From misguided attempts at prohibition and moral policing to scams in higher education and declining development, things in Kerala have been taking a rather sordid turn and hitting headlines for all the wrong reasons. P N Venugopal recapitulates some of the most recent developments.

Economy Government Society Kerala
Tracking fears, hopes and facts in a new state
Widely labelled as the first of its kind, the Intensive Family Survey conducted in Telangana on 19 August gave rise to a range of speculations, and predictably drew its share of brickbats and bouquets. Venugopalrao Nellutla seeks to decipher the real motives and usefulness of the survey.

Government Telangana
Sikkim’s 2400-crore hydro-power scam that no one’s talking of!
The Sikkim government’s irregular allocation of hydropower projects to a New Delhi-based power producer and the eventual turn of events have cost the state more than Rs 2400 crore, according to a CAG report. Soumik Dutta reports on the details of the case and other related discrepancies that have surfaced since.

Energy Law and Order
Should Modi now steer India towards Gujarat?
Throughout the campaign of Narendra Modi, the Gujarat development model had been widely credited with the potential to change India’s future. As the new government completes a month in power, Ramesh Menon stresses the need to seriously question if it is really one that should be replicated in every Indian state.

Economy Education Health GUJARAT
How Sikkim’s casino dream turned sour
Financial irregularities, a probable political conflict of interest and unsavoury social impact have thrown a cloud over the potential of Sikkim’s casino industry, once envisioned to attract revenues for the state from gaming tourism. Soumik Dutta reports.

Tourism Government Society
Mullaperiyar: Is the light in the tunnel itself?
With the SC striking down the Kerala Irrigation and Water Conservation Act, concerns over the Mullaperiyar Dam could create tension anew between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Could a new study contain a potential solution to the issue? P N Venugopal explores.

Water Laws Tamil Nadu Kerala
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