A progressive framework diluted by chicanery

It is tragic that the new Amendment to the Child Labour (Prohibition & Regulation) (CLPR) Act, 2016, which has a seemingly progressive framework, has been largely diluted by chicanery, opines Kathyayini Chamaraj.

Child Labour Labour Issues

Upholding the rights of a child
On Constitution Day, E S Ramamurthy describes how our government is failing in its primary duties of raising the level of nutrition and the improvement of public health as prescribed in our Constitution and thereby creating a nation of malnourished children.
Food Security

Malnutrition - A national disgrace
When malnutrition among children is widespread, the government is slashing funds allocated to the mid day meal scheme that covers most of the vulnerable children. Questioning this approach of the government, E S Ramamurthy started a petition to raise the funding for mid-day meals to cover minimum nutritional needs of a child.
Food Security Child Health

When schools and parents clash
Lack of open communication between parents and school authorities is diminishing trust and respect between them. This in turn has caused many unfortunate incidents that could have been avoided, reports Puja Awasthi.
Education U.P.

The Other Side of Dr Kalam
E S Ramamurthy, founder of Sikshana Foundation, Bangalore fondly remembers the time he spent with the late Former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

Let’s hear our children first!
Bengaluru-based The Concerned for Working Children believes that while ending child labour is a worthy goal, preventing children from all work without hearing them out on their actual circumstances could be a big mistake. Eden Ezsak spoke to Kavita Ratna of the CWC some time back.
People Laws Society

Keeping your child safe in the age of the Internet
It’s a big, bad world out there on the social network and a recent study finds nearly 73 percent of urban children aged 8 to 13 active on such sites. Supriya Unni Nair tries to understand the role of adult influencers in keeping the children safe online.
Laws Media Society

A doctor who cures without a word!
Dr Ruffles, an affectionate dog and resident ‘doctor’ at a hospital in Chennai, has helped several children with special needs to overcome their learning disabilities and resolve complex behavioural issues. Hema Vijay reports.
Special ED Child Health Disability

Why ‘skilling’ India must focus on schooling
The thrust on vocational skills and values among the youth has more often looked at solutions based on extraneous skill-development modules. E S Ramamurthy explains why a more skilled future workforce must entail fundamental reforms in schooling.
Livelihood Curricula Education opinions Education Opinions

Building a library a day
Entrepreneur and social activist Pradeep Lokhande’s project of setting up a library every day across rural schools in Maharashtra is helping many poor students see the light of a new day. Ramesh Menon reports on this unique initiative.
Profiles Education Society

Why Bihar’s child is different from Himachal’s
The Integrated Child Development Services scheme was launched to address the nutrition, health and learning needs of all children below six years of age. Ankita Aggarwal shares findings from a survey that point to the huge variations in implementation and effectiveness.
Child health Education Government

Mr. Leader, I have a question...
As the rhetoric among political parties over their commitment and promises to the people rises, Shankar Jaganathan articulates that one question that will test what they truly stand for.
Food Security Government OP-ED Poverty

When legal redress isn't enough to protect children
Hospital-based Collaborative Child Response Units can go a long way in providing immediate medical attention, minimising secondary trauma, and ensuring that children abused sexually get adequate social support. Vinita A Shetty looks at why these CCRUs are so critical for minor victims.
Justice KARNATAKA Human Rights

Lone crusader warns school-goers against substance abuse
The film that changed Afroza's life
A childhood lost behind bars
Snapshots of a poisoned future
Crying for care
Norway episode: Problem of evolving societies?
A child's trauma, the media's madness
Bangalore NGO among Nobel nominees
Back to the family
Children impacted by forced evictions
Still wielding the cane
A little music in a little home
Calcutta HC steps in against corporal punishment
Incest and the conspiracy of silence
Children of the valley
Teen journalists make their own newspaper
Children in the crossfire
Pushed over the edge
Corruption eats into children's meals in Madhya Pradesh
Unwilling learners pose special problems
Know disaster, no disaster
Children fix their own schools
Snakes and Ladders arming children against disasters
Their secret status and a risky schooling
In conflict zone, a battle to secure futures
Rock a bye, baby
Breaking the silence on child abuse
Malnutrition rampant, may trigger crisis
Hope in the season of hopelessness
Still suffering, five years after
Textbooks for change
'Mischievous chatter' brings change
Parenthood sans prejudices
Death of a 10-year-old
School soft drink bans mirror global concern
Spotlight on residential child care
Girls without power
Cry, my beloved school
Children can't read, adults can't count
Vidarbha distress and the end of innocence
Adoption tales
Kids steeped in hunger, while officials fiddle
Where have all the children gone?
Summer in Kolkata
A newborn's first right
Teen suicides mount in Tamilnadu
Relief critical to stem school dropouts
Too little for the little ones
Tomorrow's citizens : imperiled today
Companies continue exploitation of children
Young flesh in the trade
Adolescent alert!
Decommissioning the diaper
AIDS: Abuses against children rising
A children's manifesto
Toying with science
Give our children a chance
For the children, by the children
No children on the farm
Rainbow children : dissolving differences
Salaam, Dilli!
A meaningful commission
Narikuravar Education Welfare Society
Keeping kids from killing kilns
Tomorrow's citizens participate today
Childhood, cropped
Little by little, Keradi gets better
Our own schools
Food fight over hunger
Eliminating child labour through participation
Small change in bonded labour
All work and no childhood

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